Introduction to linguistics; language-!earning research project

Conduct an experiment to find out whether learners of English use English more correcdy on a written test or in informal conversation.


Next, make a written test that checks the grammar point you are researching. This could be a flll-in-the-blanks test, a correct-the-errors test, or another style. It should have at least ten questions, but it should not be too long.


After giving the written test» interview each learner individually for about ten minutes. Try to make the interviews informal and friendly. Be sure to ask questions that wOl encourage learners to use the grammar point you are researching. Record the interviews. (Ask for learners' permission first!)


, After you have counted the errors, calculate the score as a percentage. Do this for the written test and the spoken inteview.


Next, read the tests and listen to the recordings. Make a note of how many times your chosen grammar point was used, and how many times it was used incorrectly. Do this for both the written test and the recorded conversation.


Third, find about ten intermediate-level English learners who will agree to take your test. Arrange a time to give the test to each learner.


Finally, prepare two graphs to compare your results. Did learners make more mistakes on the written test or while they were speaking?


First, choose a common English grammar point you would like to use in your research. Ask your teacher for a suggestion if you need help choosing one.

steps that need to be followed. Then write the paragraph. Remember to use transitions.




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