A strong introduction caLchcs Ihc reader's 11 i_. It can do this by including interesting f_, a personal 3- s_, or an interesting q__. It also gives the general 5-1_of Lhe essay, several scntcnecs of 6> i_about Lhe topic, and slates the 1_.

A conclusion s_the main points of the essay. It also ft r_the thesis, makes a final mc_about the essay's main idea, and it may emphasize an n- a_for the reader to take.

10 Write an introduction and conclusion for the outline you created for Unit 9, exercise

8 on page 70. Then exchange these with a partner. Make comments on your partner's paragraphs using the information you learned in this unit about writing good introductions and conclusions.

Unity and Coherence

■ the importance of unity in essay writing.

■ the importance of coherence in essay writing.

■ methods of creating coherence.

Z) Writing effective essays

You've already learned that an essay should bo organized into an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The next step is to make sure that all threo parts of the essay work together to explain your topic clearly.

Unity in writing

Z) What is unity?

Unity in writing is Llio connection of all ideas lo a single topic. In an essay, all ideas should relate to the thesis stalenient, and the supporting ideas in a body paragraph should relate to the topic sentence.

I Read the essay on page 79 about Chinese medicine. Then do these tasks.

a. Underline* the thesis statement with two lines.

b. Underline each topic sentence with one line.

c. List the supporting ideas in each body paragraph on a separate piece of paper.

d. Alter you have finished, review Ihe topic sentences and supporting ideas. With a partner, discuss how the topic sentences relate lo the thesis statement and how the supporting sentences relate lo the topic sentences. Is the essay unified?

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