Family structure has changed a hi in the last fifty years in Asia. The decrease in the number of extended families and nuclear families has caused several social changes.

The number of businesses using the Internet for selling products has increased greatly In recent years. Shoppers, too, arc using the Internet In greater numbers to buy all types of products, such as books, cameras, and clothing. Although e-business has become popular, there are certain risks Involved in Internet shopping that are a concern for both businesses and consumers.

Stargazing—looking at ike stars—is something everyone should try. i love & when looking at the night sky, most people observe that the moon, planets, and stars Move from the cast side of the sky io the west over a period of several hours, /n fad, this movement is [

actually the movement of the Earth rotating on its axis, in addition, as the Earth revolves around the sun throughout the year, different stars are visible at different times. —__}

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