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7 For each topic ill exercise 3 on page 50, write one or two conditional sentences that explain the problem. Compare your sentences with a partner. Did you have similar or different ideas?

8 Choose one topic from exercise 3 on page 50. Brainstorm more idea6 if necessary, then write a paragraph about it. Use conditional sentences.

Unking problems with solutions

O How to link a solution paragraph to a problem paragraph

The first paragraph—the problem paragraph—explains the problem. The topic sentence of the second paragraph—the solution paragraph—introduces your solution or solutions. The supporting sentences show how your solution(s) will solve the problem. Use these phrases:

In order to solve these problems, ... In order to overcome these problems, ... To meet this need, ... One solution is ...

9 Read the solution paragraph on page 51 again. Circle the linking phrases.

10 Work with a group. For each of these topic sentences, brainstorm solutions. Introduce each solution with one of the phrases above. Then think of one more problem together, and give it to another group to discuss.

a. We must reduce exam stress for high school students.

b. Teenagers spend so much time using their cell phones that they are no longer skilled at face-to-face interaction.

c. In the next five to ten years, experts predict that there won't be enough doctors and nurses to meet hospitals' needs.

d. We have to find ways to protect young children from violence on television.

Writing solutions

Z) Finding the best solution

After you have bralnstormod solutions to your problem, you need to select the best one or ones to write about in your solution paragraph. A strong solution clearly and reasonably solves the problem. A weak solution doesn't really solve the problem or is not practical or not logical.

i I With a partner, talk abnut the Solutions that this student brainstormed for her topic. Mark each one strong, OK, or weak.

i I With a partner, talk abnut the Solutions that this student brainstormed for her topic. Mark each one strong, OK, or weak.

borrow money from my friends

&elt some of my things aek my parents for money play my guitar on the streets get a part-time Job drop out of college and a full-time job , buy lottery tickets

. ride my Me to school Instead of using public transportation

. ask my professors for money . buy fewer CDs and new clothes

! 2 Use at least three solutions from the list in exercise 11 above to write a solution paragraph. Use linking phrases and conditional sentences to explain how the solutions will solve the problem. Share your paragraph with your partner.

I 3 For the problem paragraph you wrote in exercise 8 on page 53, brainstorm solutions. Edit your brainstorming, then write a solution paragraph. Use linking phrases and conditional sentences.



14 Look at this list of ideas that a student brainstormed about his topic. Work with a partner to divide the ideas into problems and solutions. Try to add one more problem and solution to the list.


Topic: jetting along with a room Mate noisy roommate make cleaning schedule roommate is messy argue about how to decorate room fighting causes stress set aside quiet time for studying each person decorates half of the room talk each week about concerns problems solutions a f.

I 5 Work alone. Use the ideas above to write a problem paragraph and a solution paragraph. Remember to write a topic sentence for each paragraph, and a concluding sentence far the solution paragraph. Use conditional sentences and linking phrases where you can. Then compare your paragraphs with your partner. What parts were similar? What parts were different?

The Structure of an Essay

■ the definition of an essay.

■ how to write a thesis statement.

What is an essay?

An essay is a group of paragraphs written about a single topic and a central main idea. It must have at least three paragraphs, but a five-paragraph essay is a common assignment for academic writing.

The structure of an essay

The three main parts of an essay

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