c. How are the steps in the paragraph connected together? What words do you see that help show the sequence to follow? Underline them.


O What are transitions?

Transitions are words that connect the steps in a paragraph. Transition words and phrases show the relationships between the ideas in a paragraph. They are not used between every sentence, but are used often enough to make the order clear. Here are some common transition words and plirasas that show time order or the order of steps:

first, second, third, etc. finally

next the last step

then before

after, after that while

10 Add other transition words you know to the list above.

I I Choose appropriate transition words to connect the steps in this paragraph about preparing for a trip.

Planning a vacation abroad? Here are some suggestions to make your trip successful

find out if you need a visa for the country that you want to visft.

Make sure you have enough time to apply for itb you buy your ticket c- you've found out about visas, you should research airfares and schedules.

d look for the best flight for you. Remember the cheapest flight may stop over in several cities and reduce the amount of time you have to spend at your destination. You might want to fly direct. e- you're researching flights, you can also ask your travel agent about getting a good deal on a hotel. It's a good idea To book your flight and hotel early if you're sure of your destination. If you haven't already done it, thef- step is to learn about places to visit, the weather, the food, and other details about the country. The Internet can be a very useful source of information. 9> on the day of your flight make sure you go to the airport at least two hours before your flight. Now you are ready to start enjoying your vacation!



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