Ingredients two cups of brown rice one tablespoon of cooking oil three tablespoons of chili sauce three doves of garlic one green pepper one red pepper one onion two tomatoes two green onions salt pepper

Mikes Brown Rice avid Vegetables

Brown rice and vegetables is a simple and delicious meal to make. First, cook the rice, following the directions on the package. Then, cut the vegetables into one-inch pieces. Next, heat the oil, chili sauce, and garlic in a frying pan After that, add the vegetables and fry them until they are soft, but still a little bit. crundry. Now it's time to stir in the cooked rice. After stirring the rice and vegetables together, add salt andpepper to your own taste. Finally_; put the rice and vegetables into a large bowl and serve it with freshly chopped tomatoes andgreen onions on top. Now you are ready to enjoy your delicious brown rice and vegetablesI

a. Underline the topic sentence and the concluding sentence of the paragraph.

b. List the steps for making brown rice and vegetables in the order you find them.

1 Cookthe[ rice

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