strongest allow more cars.


7 Look again at the paragraph in exercise 1 on page 33. Circle the modal auxilaries. How strong do you think the writer's opinions were? Discuss with a partner.

8 Read the paragraph below. Circle the most appropriate modal auxiliary in each sentence.

Dear Editor,

1 agree with Bill Adams's opinion In his recent letter saying that people should i don't have to ride their bicycles into town. However, there Js one problem with this idea. The roads in town are so narrow and full of cars that you can71 / ought to Me safely on them. If people arc going to ride bicycles into town, the cityc- could/ must make some bike paths for people to use. Maybe the city d- could/ mustn't charge a small additional tax on fuel to pay for the hike paths. Motorists have created the problem, so motoristsc- could/ should pay for the solution. The city L ought to / doesn't have to support cyclists like Bill Adams by building more bike patlis.

Melissa Green Parkville

Expressing opinions: class survey

9 Read these statements that express opinions. Add three of your own.


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