Sign language for deaf people (people who cannot hear)

listening tools and speech reading. He eventually opened a training school for teachers of the deaf.

Not much is known about-thcMJDO of oign' language among-doaf peoplo in-tto United Statoo boforotho ISOQ'CrThe early 1800s were an important period in the development of American Sign Language. In 1815, a men named Thomas Gallaudet became interested in teaching deaf people. He traveled to Europe to study ways of communicating with deaf people. He was twenty-seven years old at this time, and he studied at a school for deaf students in Paris for several months. In 1817 Gallaudet returned to the United States, and he brought with him Laurent Clerc, a deaf sign language teacher from Paris. Galfaudet started the first school for the deaf, and Clerc became the first sign language teacher in the U.S. Tho oohool, oallod Amorioari SGhool for tho Qoat-otill oxioto in Hartford, Gonnootiout American Sign Language developed from the mixture of signs used by deaf Americans and French Sign Language. Today, it is used by more than 500,000 deaf people in the United States and Canada. About twomy-m ill ion-poop io in tho Unitod Statos have hearing problems, anckibout two million-of thoso aro deaf.

Coherence in writing

Z) What is coherence?

Coherence is related to unity. Ideas that are arranged in a clear and logical way are coherent. When a text is unified and coherent, the reader can easily understand the main points.

As you learned in Unit 9, creating an outline helps make a well-organized essay. When organizing your ideas, think about what type of organization is the best for your topic or essay type. Here are some examples of types of writing and good ways to organize lb cm.

Type of writing

Chronology (historical events, personal narratives, processes)



Comparison / contrast

Argumentation / persuasion, and cause / effect

Type of organization

Order by time or order of events / steps

Order by position, size, and shape of things Group ideas and explain them in a logical order Organize in point-by-point or block style Order from least important to most important

Look again at the essay in exercise 1 on page 79. What type of organizational pattern does the essay use? How do you know? What about the text in exercise 2 on pages BO and at?

Cohesive devices

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