Arguing A Position

to argue: v. to give reasons for or against something; to consider the pros and cons; to persuade by giving reasons.

Argumentative and interpretative writing closely mirror the academic discourse of your professors as they engage in scholarly debates about research and method in their disciplines. They participate in professional conversations by asserting and supporting this thesis or theory while attacking competing ones. Therefore, of all the essays described in this text—personal, reflective, explanatory, reportorial—argumentative ones demand from you the tightest logic and most convincing evidence. The most common form of argumentative paper in disciplines outside the humanities may be the position paper.

A position paper takes a stand for or against an issue about which there is some reasonable debate. To write a successful position paper on an issue, you need to answer these basic questions:

1. How will I present the issue?

2. What stand will I take on this issue?

3. What claims will support my stand?

4. What evidence will support my claims?

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