to report: v. to relate or tell about; to provide an account for publication or broadcast; to submit results for consideration.

A report describes an event or tells a story about something. You may have written a book report (a description of what the book is about) or a laboratory report (the story of what happened during an experiment). If you are assigned to write reports in a particular class, your instructor will specify what kind of report and give you guidelines for what it should look like.

Reports require information to be conveyed to an audience clearly, directly, and succinctly: a progress report on a project or research paper, a report on a lecture or film that you attended, or a report on available resources to proceed with a project. You may often relate such information in any order that makes sense to you (and, you hope, to your audience). However, in some disciplines the forms for reporting information may be highly specific, as in the sciences and social sciences, where reports generally follow a predictable form.

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