Write to Yourself

Forget about publishing your ideas to the world; publish them first to yourself. Tell yourself what you're thinking. Write out what's on your mind. Write it down and you'll identify it, understand it, and leave behind a memory of what it was. Any writing task can be accomplished in more than one way, but the greatest gain will occur if you articulate in writing these possibilities. Exploring also involves limiting your options, locating the best strategy for the occasion at hand, and focusing energy in the most productive direction. It doesn't matter if you make outlines or lists, freewrite or draw maps, or do these activities freehand or with a computer. What does seem to matter is getting the ideas out of your head in a tangible way so you can look at them, see what they are and where else they could go. My own most common way of finding and exploring an idea is writing in my journal (see Chapter Four).

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