J As requested, this report is an assessment of the suitability of Victoria Collins for promotion to group coordinator. The report summarises her personal qualities, leadership qualities and work-related achievements, on the basis of which j her suitability depends. j

Victoria is a very enthusiastic member of staff who is always pleasant and con- I ; siderate and whose punctuality record is commendable. She has proved herself j ! to be reliable and helpful with a positive attitude towards all aspects of her work. j ; For this she is admired and respected by her colleagues. (1) In addition/As well j ; as she has a wonderful rapport with children. (2) Nevertheless/Despite the fact that she has a tendency towards timidity, this does not seem to have affected the quality of her work.

(3) Besides this/Although Victoria has only been employed here for a short I time, she has already demonstrated good leadership qualities. (4) In spite j of/Moreover her shyness, she has (5) despite/nonetheless shown that she pos- ! sesses the ability to assert herself over her group in a constructive way whenever the need arises. Her organisational skills are outstanding; (6) to sum up/furthermore, she is able to work in a calm and methodical manner to achieve the desired results quickly and efficiently, even under pressure.

Over the course of this summer, Victoria has voluntarily taken on many extra (

responsibilities involving the planning and organisation of new entertainment. (7) !

For instance/Therefore, she recently helped to plan a series of new activities j which proved extremely successful and also very popular with the children. (8) ^ For example/Moreover, many of her innovative ideas have been added to our existing programme, (9) despite/thus providing group leaders and camp guests with a much wider variety of activity options to choose from. i

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