Assessment Reports

1 D You will hear two business people discussing an employee who they may recommend for promotion. Look at the table below, then listen to the cassette and fill in the missing information. Finally, use the notes to talk about the employee's strengths and weaknesses.

Purpose of report


Personal Qualities

Customer/Staff Relations



• to evaluate suitability of Sylvia Wells for promotion to position of Manager


reliable, hard-working sometimes tends to be and overly

polite & friendly. a little too competitive wins trust on occasions top salesperson once lost an important for last years sales account recommended Q] not recommended Q]

My An assess /' evaluating i assessment report is a formal piece of writing written on request, presenting and evaluating the positive and/or negative features of a person, place, plan, etc. It can / include your proposals/suggestions as well as your general assessment, opinion and/or recommendation. An assessment report should consist of:

a) an introduction in which you state the purpose and content of your report;

b) a main body in which you present positive and/or negative aspects in detail, under suitable sub-headings, which show the topic of each paragraph. Positive and negative features of the same aspect should be presented in the same paragraph, using linking words/phrases showing contrast (however, although, despite, but, while, even though, etc)', and c) a final paragraph in which you summarise the information presented in the main body and state your opinion and/or recommendation.

• Present tenses are normally used in assessment reports. Past tenses can also be used for reports related to past events, e.g. a report about a summer camp.

Useful Language

• To begin reports: The purpose/aim/intention of this report is to examine/assess/ evaluate the suitability of... for .../the advisability of (+ ing)/the performance of..., As requested, this is a report concerning/regarding the matter/subject of..., This report contains the assessment of... which you requested/asked for, This report outlines the advantages and disadvantages of...

• To end reports: Summarising: To conclude/To sum up/In conclusion...,

On the basis of the points mentioned above/On the whole, it would seem that..., The only/obvious conclusion to be drawn from these facts is that... Recommending: It is (therefore) felt/believed/apparent/obvious (that) ... would be ideal for..., It would (not) be advisable/advantageous/practical/wise to ..., I (strongly) recommend/would suggest (that) ..., My/Our recommendation is that... should be ..., I recommend that the best course of action would be ...



Paragraph 1

state the purpose and content of your report

Main Body

Paragraphs 2-3-4*

present each aspect of the subject under suitable sub-headings (positive/ negative points of each aspect are presented in the same paragraph)


Final Paragraph general assessment and/or opinion/recommendation

* The exact number and division of paragraphs will depend on the specific instructions for each report task.

2 Read the model below and insert the following words and phrases in the appropriate spaces. Then list the positive and negative aspects of the sports centre in the table at the bottom of the page.

also, especially, furthermore, However, In addition, On the other hand, particularly, To sum up, therefore

A local sports team in your town needs new facilities where they will train for national competitions. As assistant coach of the team, you have been asked to visit a new sports centre and to write a report assessing the suitability of the centre. \Nr\\e your report.

To: The Chairperson, Dersley Swimming Club From: Jim Bowen, Assistant Coach Subject: Rotheroe Sports Centre Date: 10th May 1997

i mnowcrioN

The purpose of this report is to assess the suitability of Rotheroe Sports Centre as a possible future training base for the Dersley


Rotheroe Sports Centre is conveniently located just off the Ring Road to the south of Dersley, next to the Marston Industrial Estate. It is (1) easily accessible by private transport from most parts of the city and has anple free parking. Buses run between the sports centre and the city centre every 15

direct services from other areas may be lim- ' ited, (3) early in the morning or late at night. FACILITIES

The Rotheroe Centre offers an excellent range of facilities. The swimming pool is of Olympic size and is fully heated. It has a large spectator area and changing rooms with ample locker space and showers. (4) , the

Centre has a large, well-equipped gym.

(5) there is no cafeteria; (6) , there are no restaurants within walking distance of the centre, which means that team members would have to bring packed lunches.

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