B News Reports

1 IS You will hear part of a TV news broadcast. Read the following table, then listen to the cassette and fill in the missing information. Listen again, then using your notes, describe the event in your own words.

Incident: gate 1)

Place: Wellgood Stadium in Barton

people involved: one person dead, twenty others injured

Reason: fault in 3)

• heard grinding noise

.gateS) on top of the fans

. injured taken to St Luke's Hospital

.others in 8) but stable condition

Comments- terrible 9) - fans not to be blamed

Action taken: a^c^ur^ath^s^ 10) has been carried out

/JRr A news ref /' mation coi i report is a brief piece of writing for publication in a newspaper, giving factual infor-concerning an important current event. It is formal and impersonal in style, pre-0 senting facts objectively and unemotionally.

A successful report should consist of:

a) a headline which is short and eye-catching, giving the reader an idea of the subject of the report;

b) an introductory paragraph which summarises the event, including information about the people involved, the place, the time, etc.;

c) a main body in which the relevant information is developed in detail, including an explanation of the cause(s) and/or result(s) of the event; and d) a conclusion which mentions the significance of the event, future action to be taken, reactions/comments of a witness/spokesperson, etc.

Points to Consider

• Comments made by witnesses, victims, the police, etc may be given in direct or reported speech:

"We won't give in," commented a workers' spokesman.

The two boys later admitted that what they had done was wrong.

• Passive voice and appropriate reporting verbs (e.g. confessed, protested, etc) are widely used in news reports, together with a range of linking words and time expressions.



Paragraph 1

summary of event —



Moil Body

Paragraphs 2-3-4

description/details of event cause(s) and/or result(s)

Final Paragraph reference to future developments/comments/reactions

2 Read the news reports below, and identify the topic of each paragraph. Then, underline all examples of passive voice, and say which tenses have been used in each report. Finally, choose the best headline for each report from those given on the right.

A bomb exploded yesterday afternoon in the check-in hall of Hillsfield International Airport. Five people were killed and dozens more seriously injured in the blast.

The bomb went off without warning at 3 pm as hundreds of holidaymakers were preparing to board flights bound for Spain and Italy.

The explosion was caused by a substantial amount of plastic explosive connected to a timing device. The bomb was placed in a suitcase and left in the central check-in area, which was crowded with people at the time.

The emergency services arrived at the airport within minutes to deal with the widespread panic and devastation. Their first priority was to transfer the injured to hospital and put out the fires. Doctors were also called to the airport to treat the people who were in a state of shock.

The airport will remain closed until further notice. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the incident and police are appealing to the public for any information they might have.

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