Letters Giving an Opinion

t. Letters of Advice

1 HH You will hear two people discussing a letter which they have just received from the town council. Look at the questions below, then listen to the cassette and fill in the answers.

a) How does the letter begin and end?


Yours b) What is the main purpose of the letter?

c) What general advice is given in the letter?

d) What specific suggestion does the letter make?

/jw A formal iff letter mal

Dynamic Design Composition

A formal letter of advice is usually written in response to a request or enquiry, whereas a letter making suggestions offers an opinion and suggestions on a particular situation. Each point should be presented in a separate paragraph containing a clear topic sentence supported by examples and/or justification.

Useful Language

To begin letters:

I am writing in reply/response to your letter requesting advice about... Thank you for your letter requesting advice about... I hope the following advice/suggestions will be of (some) help to you ... Advice/Suggestions:

It might/would be useful/to your advantage (if you were) to ... I feel/believe (that) the/your best course of action would be .. I would like to offer one or two suggestions concerning ... I would (strongly) suggest/recommend + -ing/(that)... You should / ought to ... To end letters:

,, iU . iL_ | will (prove to) be of some assistance.

I have been useful/of use.

I hope/trust that you will accept/follow this advice ...

I would be pleased/happy to offer any additional advice you may require.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions/queries/ problems.

IllflMSlWI Paragraph 1

state reason(s) for writing/express understanding of problem

Moil Body

Paragraphs 2-3*

offer advice/suggestions


Final Paragraph closing remarks

Full name

* The exact number and division of paragraphs will depend on the specific instructions for each letter-writing task.

2 Read the instructions and the model below and identify the topic of each paragraph. Then replace all phrases in bold with other similar ones. Which phrases in the letter are used to give reassurance?

The student representative body at the university or college which you attend offers an advisory service to help students with their problems. As a member of the advisory committee, you have received a letter from a foreign student who is concerned about various problems related to studying abroad. Write a reply, offering practical advice and reassuring them that they do not need to worry.

Dear Ms Yagniq,

I am writing on behalf of the Students' Advisory Service in reply to your letter of 13th May, and would (ike to congratulate you on obtaining a place at Shelbourne University. I understand that you are nervous about moving to a foreign country, and I hope the following advice will be of some help to you.

You mentioned that you are afraid of being lonely and unable to make friends when you get to university. Firstly, I would suggest that you try to meet as many people as possible during the first Jew days, as this is when many friendships are formed. I would also recommend joining some clubs and societies as a way of meeting people with the same interests as yours.

Let me reassure you that, if you follow this advice, you will not feel lonely. When you arrive, you will realise that everyone is in the same situation and that your fellow students will be more than willing to make friends.

In your letter, you also refer to your worries about'Coping with the work. I would advise you to make sure that you always do each piece of work immediately after it is assigned so that you do not fall behind. Additionally, if you find that you need help, the best course of action would be to speak to your tutor. Most important of all, I strongly recommend that you organise your timetable carefully so that you can combine work and recreation.

You may rest assured that, although some students take time to adjust to the workload, with proper organisation they find it easy to cope with.

I would like to wish you good luck with your course. Please do not hesitate to contact me again should you have any further questions.

Yours sincerely, f&uutot Witt

Jessica Hill

3 Read the following situations ant offer advice for each one using appro priate expressions.

1 John Smith has been working fo a computer supply company fo the last ten years. He finds his jot boring and now wants to use th< experience he has gained ove the years to open his own com puter supply centre.

2 Pamela Wilson is a workinj mother. She works a 40-hou week and takes care of her tw< young children. When she arrive: home after work, she has barel; enough energy or patience t( help her children with thei homework.

! Sarah Jones is a student who i: about to graduate from univer sity. She wants to start lookinj for a job, but does not know hov to go about it.

ii Letters Making Suggestions/Recommendations

In this type of letter you are usually requested to express your opinion on a certain ' matter and also to provide suggestions supported by expected results/consequences. You can introduce suggestions with: To begin/start with, Firstly, Secondly, Additionally, Finally, etc. It is advisable to use the following linking words in order to introduce the expected result: thus, as a result, consequently, therefore, as a consequence e.g. I would also suggest advertising in the local newspaper; as a result, you would attract more attention to your new range of special offers.

4 Read the instructions and the model letter and list the suggestions made and their expected results. Is the writer's opinion a positive or a negative one? Find expressions in the letter which justify this.

You recently went to a museum where the staff were particularly helpful. Write a letter to the museum's curator, giving your overall opinion of the museum and suggesting what might be done to further improve the standard of what it has to offer the public.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to commend you on the exceptional service the Museum 0/ Natural History offers the community of Kempton. I recently visited the museum for the first time and viewed your exhibition entitled "The Age of Dinosaurs" which was, to my mind, extremely interesting and informative.

I was particularly impressed by how approachable and helpful the museum staff were; they showed themselves willing to help with any questions or requests which arose during my visit. Moreover, I appreciated the /act that the guides were very knowledgeable about their subject.

In my opinion, the subject of your feature exhibition was both fascinating and enlightening. It was obviously carefully researched and its excellent presentation made it interesting to people of all ages. I was equally impressed with the permanent exhibits and found your late closing time very considerate and convenient for working people such as myself.

There are, however, one or two suggestions I would like to submit which I fee I would further improve the standard of the museum. Firstly, a service ojffering guided tours in foreign languages would be useful for tourists visiting the museum. Additionally, installing ramps would make access easier for disabled people, thus making their visit more enjoyable.

Finally, may I suggest that you publicise the museum's /orthcoming exhibits more widely? As a result, many more people like myself who are interested in natural history would be made aware of the regular exhibitions you present.

Once again, I would like to congratulate you on the very high standard of your museum, and assure you that I shall be a regular visitor from now on.

Mrs P. Morrison


Paragraph 1

state reason(s) for writing

Hoin Body

Paragraphs 2-3

give opinion Paragraphs 4-5

make suggestions and comment on the expected results


Final Paragraph closing remarks Full name

5 Match the following suggestions to the expected results and link them with appropriate linking words.

Suggestions a I would suggest hiring more staff.

b May I suggest that you renovate the premises.

c Another suggestion would be to install computers.

d I would venture to suggest hiring a bouncer.

Results f Less time would be wasted on writing down personal information.

2 You would succeed in retaining a higher standard of clientele.

3 Work could be delegated and done more efficiently.

4 You would attract a greater number of younger people and make more of a profit.

6 Read the instructions and the following model letter and correct the mistakes which have been highlighted.

You are on the committee of a local charity organisation which recently held auditions for its annual fund-raising variety concert. You have been asked to write a letter to one of the groups/people who auditioned, thanking them for taking part, expressing your opinion of their performance, suggesting how it might be improved and explaining why these changes are necessary.

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