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You will hear a market research consultant speaking to the Tourist Board about the results of a survey. Look at the pie chart, then listen to the cassette, and fill in the missing information. What was the survey about? What recommendation does the consultant make?


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Caravan/ Hotel/ Camping Bed & Breakfast

A survey report is a formal piece of writing presenting and analysing the results/findings of research concerning reactions to a product, plan, etc, including general assessment, conclusions and/or recommendation (s).

A survey report consists of:

a) an introduction in which you state the purpose and content of your report;

b) a main body in which all information collected on the topic is presented in detail under suitable subheadings; and c) a final paragraph in which you summarise the points mentioned before, adding your recommendation or suggestion(s).

Points to consider

The information presented may have been gathered in a survey/opinion poll or compiled from official statistical data, and may reflect the opinions/preferences, etc of the general public, a particular group of people, a random sample of the population, etc. The information may be presented in the form of facts (numbers, percentages and proportions), or generalisations (This Indicates/suggests/implies that...), e.g. Fifty-five per cent of young people go to the cinema at least twice a month, (fact) This indicates that the cinema is still quite a popular form of entertainment among young people, (generalisation)

Use expressions such as: one in ten, two out of five, twenty per cent of the people questioned, a large proportion, etc. as well as verbs such as: agree, claim, state Present tenses are normally used to present generalisations.

Useful Language

To begin reports:

The purpose/aim/intention of this report is to examine/assess/evaluate the results of a survey in which ... people/residents/viewers were asked about/whether/what... This report outlines the results of a survey conducted/carried out to determine/

discover the reaction/popularity/attitudes/opinion of... As requested, this survey report contains information compiled from ... The data included in this report was gathered/obtained by means of a questionnaire/a telephone survey/door-to-door interviews ... The information below summarises statistics compiled by ... To end reports:

To conclude/To sum up/In conclusion, the survey clearly shows ..., On the basis of these findings, it would seem that..., The results of this survey suggest/indicate/ demonstrate/reveal that..., etc.

To: From: Subject: Date:

Paragraph 1

state the purpose and content of your report

Moin Body

Paragraphs 2-3-4*

summarise eactraspect of the survey under separate subheadings


Final Paragraph general conclusion/ recommendation(s)/ suggestions

* The exact number and division of paragraphs will depend on the specific instructions for each report task.

2 Read the instructions and the model below, then complete the accompanying diagram by inserting the missing percentages in the purple ovals. Finally, think of other words and phrases which could be used to replace those underlined in the model.

A manufacturing company has commissioned you to conduct a survey to determine consumer awareness and opinion concerning some of its products. Look at the diagram below outlining the results of this survey, and write a report on the findings, including the conclusions which may be drawn from them.

70: R J Barnes, Marketing Director, MacRae Cosmetics Ltd

FROM: jane Simmons, Excalibur Consumer Research

SUBJECT: Consumer Survey:"Healthy Shine" Products

DATE: 14th October 1997


The aim of this report is to present the findings of a survey carried out to determine consumer awareness and opinion of the "Healthy Shine" range of hair-care products. The data included in this report was obtained from a random sample of 1,500 men and women, aged 18 - 40, who responded to a questionnaire survey on 16th and 17th September.

Consumer Awareness of Product Range

Of the 1,500 respondents surveyed, forty per cent reported that they knew of one or more of the products in the range. Of these, sixty-five per cent had seen the products advertised on television or in magazines and twenty-five per cent had seen the products displayed in stores. The remaining ten per cent of those surveyed were unaware of the product range. The fact that consumer awareness is less than a half suggests that television and magazine advertising has failed to attract the desired level of consumer attention.


A large number of those aware of the products were of the opinion that the packaging is unattractive. This is highlighted by the fact that fifty-eight per cent (almost 3 out of 5 customers) stated that they had not sampled the product line, preferring instead to purchase competitors' products with more attractive packaging.

Quality and Price

Of the forty-two per cent of consumers who had sampled at least one product in the range, only fifteen per cent reported that they had not repurchased the product and'or purchased other products in the range. This indicates that eighty-five per cent of consumers are satisfied with quality and price.


On the basis of the findings above, it would seem that although the quality and retail prices of "Healthy Shine" products are competitive. a large percentage of consumers are not aware of the product range. Furthermore, many of those who are aware of the range do not find the packaging sufficiently attractive to induce them to purchase any of the products. Our recommendation, therefore, is that your company launch a new advertising campaign to increase cort-sumer awareness, in addition to altering the packaging of the entire range so as to make the products more appealing to consumers.

Healihy Shine

Consumer Survey Results

Do you know any (one or more) products from the "Healthy I Shine" range?

Magazine & Television 65%

In store 25%

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