• hope plans outlined are clear and meet with approval

• accountant agrees that company should have made a profit (even) by January '98 and be able to start repaying loan by July '98 at latest

4 Look at the following writing tasks and identify the type of report each asks for. Suggest a subject title and sub-headings for each, then list the points you will mention in each section. Finally choose ONE of the writing tasks below and write your report in about 300 words.

a) You are the secretary of a Resident's Association which is campaigning to ban motor vehicles from your area. Write a report to the local authorities outlining the present situation and suggesting the benefits of a pedestrianised area.

b) You have recently bought an old property in the centre of your town or city. Write a report in support of your request for permission to change the use of the building, outlining your plans for the property and indicating how your project may be of benefit to the community.

c) As the secretary of a charily organisation you have been asked to write a report on facilities for the disabled in your town. Write your report for the local authorities, outlining the present situation and any proposals you have for improvements. You may like to include some of the following: RAMPS, CONVERTED BUSES, ADAPTED PUBLIC TOILETS, TELEPHONE KIOSKS, etc.

d) On behalf of your college you have conducted a survey on the study habits of students. Write a report for the college authorities, mentioning such factors as where students study, what times they choose to study, whether they study alone, their use of computers, and any other factors you consider relevant

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