Write Letter Of The Bad Condition Of Equipment And Overcrowded Classes

Final Paragraph closing remarks Full name

7 Please accept the enclosed with our (regards)

8 In light of your previous experience, 1 would like to assure you that all computers will be

(available for use whenever you like)

2 Fill in the gaps with a suitable preposition.

1 This situation was due

an oversight, which resulted a breakdown in communication and led

your losing the contract.

2 The company cannot be held responsible any inconvenience caused as a result bad weather.

3 Unfortunately, our client is

no obligation to offer any compensation according

the terms of the contract.

This letter of apology is a reply to the letter of complaint on page 102. Read the model letter and correct the punctuation errors in the sentences indicated by a number. Then, give the topic of each paragraph. Finally, underline all examples of useful language for apologising and replace them with similar ones.

(T) Dear mr Mallison,

In response to your letter regarding the unsatisfactory service that you received when renting a car on the 20th July, I would like to begin by giving my sincere apologies for the inconvenience that you experienced.

(2) Firstly, the problem of being given the wrong car; needless to say (|)a smaller one; occurred because the original car that had been booked for your had not been returned by the time you arrived. Unfortunately, the person who had rented the car prior to you, had not adhered to the rental period originally agreed and as a result (5)was two day's late in returning it. We were unable to contact him and therefore had to provide you with another vehicle. All of our (g)four door models were at that time rented out, and rather than not providing you with any car at all, we were forced to provide a smaller two-door model instead.

© as regards the problems encountered with the engine and the windscreen wipers, these were unfortunate mishaps that could not have @been foreseen before rental Each time a car is returned to us, it automatically undergoes a rigorous inspection before being given an inspection pass sheet. Our records show that this particular car had (§) passed each inspection stage successfully which leads myself and the mechanics concerned to believe that the problems occurred after the car had been rented to you.

This is truly a regrettable occurrence. Please allow me to offer you £100 by way of compensation and to contribute towards the cost of your train ticket. In addition to this I would also like to offer (^)you our newest model, a luxurious four-door Rover for a six-day rental period at a time most convenient for you. I hope this offer will make up for the distressing journey you encountered, and will ©restore your confidence in our Company as a customer-friendly organisation.

May I apologise again for this inconvenience. Meanwhile, I look forward to hearing from you to arrange a suitable date for renting our courtesy car.

Yours sincerely,

Mr J. Robins


4 Look at the following writing task instructions and answer the questions below. The questions apply to all three tasks.

a) As the owner of a gym, you have recently received a number of complaints concerning the state of the changing rooms, the bad condition of equipment and overcrowded classes. Write a letter apologising for these problems, explaining the reasons and giving details of what you intend to do to rectify die situation.

b) Write a letter of apology in reply to the letter of complaint on p. 103.

c) As a sales representative of a large manufacturing company you have received several letters from a customer complaining about a long delay in the delivery of goods on order. Write a letter of apology to the customer explaining why the goods have not been delivered and giving information concerning dates and means of shipment of a new delivery.

• What greeting would you*use?

• What is the main purpose for writing the letter?

• What is the additional purpose?

• What paragraph plan would you use?

• What useful expressions would you use as opening and closing remarks?

• How would you sign the letter?

5 Choose ONE of the writing tasks above, and write a complete paragraph plan with notes. Then write the letter in about 300 words.

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