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* Conclusion

The person I admire most is not famous at all, yet to my mind his achievements are as important as those of any historical figure. Gary Young is a fellow student of mine at college, and for him this fact itself is a major achievement.

Gary suffers from cerebral palsy, which makes it almost impossible for him to control his movements. As a result, he spends his life in a wheelchair, cannot write with a pen or pencil, and speaks so slowly and strangely that it takes patience to understand what he is saying. This, together with his thin, twisted body and awkward facial expressions, can often cause people to treat him^ as if he were a backward child.

However, behind his physical appearance, Gary is a warm, fun-loving, intelligent person. His disability affects his muscles, not his mind or personality. He enjoys the same things any student does - listening to music, meeting friends, and so on - and he is not only the best student in our class, but also has a wonderful sense of humour and genuine interest in other people. Unable to express himself easily in conversation, he uses a special typewriter to write letters to his friends, and beautiful poems which show the true depth of his thoughts and character. He lives a very regular life, studying every day and never allowing himself to fall behind in his schoolwork. Of course he enjoys going out as well, and he believes that a balance of work and play make life happy and fulfilling.

The main reason I admire him so much is that he is determined to lead a normal life, in spite of the physical difficulties he has to overcome. Although his condition prevented him from going to school, he gave himself an education by studying at home. He lives alone, cooking and cleaning with the help of equipment he designed himself, and he leads a full social life with his many friends, including visits to the theatre, or even (on one memorable occasion when I was with him) to the funfair.

Another reason I admire Gary, is the fact that he never feels sorry for himself. He says, for instance, that being unable to move around simply gives him more time to think. In fact, he always manages to see the bright side of any situation, so that, far from needing his friends to comfort him, he actually cheers us up when we are worried or depressed!

I would admire Gary as a person even if he didn't have any disability; the fact that he does, and refuses to let it spoil his life, makes him the most remarkable person I know.

23 O You will hear a film star talking about the importance and influence of her grandmother during her childhood. Listen and complete the notes below. Using the notes write two paragraphs about Liliana's grandmother.

Took care of me

- nursed me during long illness

Made me feel safe

- one thing in my life that never

Taught me everything

- always things to me

- taught me the difference between

24 Fill in the topic sentences in the text opposite, then give the paragraph outline. What information is included in each paragraph? What tenses have been used? Why?

a During the years I worked with her, my admiration for Miriam steadily increased.

b Her ability to deal with several matters at once seemed almost miraculous.

c My first impression of her was one of politeness verging on stiffness.

d All in all, Miriam is the most admirable person I've ever met.

e The most striking thing about Miriam, though, was her sensitivity towards others.

f On my first day of work at Acrol Assurance I arrived nervous, soaking wet - and nearly half an hour late.

Describe a person who has influenced your life and explain why you admire him/her.

| 11 11 had forgotten to take an umbrella, had missed the bus and was no ready for a good scolding. It was then that I met Miriam Bellings, th Managing Director, who was to have an enormous influence on my life an career.

| 2| | She was a small, birdlike woman, her appearance giving the impressic of a nervous, easily-flustered person. I soon learnt, however, that her true cha acter was calm, warm and kind, yet unbendingly professional. After remindii me that lateness would not be tolerated in the office, she laughingly confess« to me that she had been over an hour late on her first morning because she h; lost her way, which was typical of her sympathetic character. She then pr ceeded to explain the workings of the office to me with such clarity and accui cy, and with such patience to my rather naive questions, that I was left with t impression that she was a sort of superwoman of office management. | 31 | No crisis in the office ever caught her off-guard, and on the rare oc< sions when she could not answer a question, she would make sure that she h an answer for you within the hour.

| 4| 11 remember on one occasion when nearly everyone in4he office h gone down with the flu, Miriam managed to keep the office running smoot: without seeming stressed or harassed in the least. We sometimes used to jc that if everyone in the office had been absent on the same day, Miriam woi not even have noticed!

| 5| | Although she had never married, she seemed to have a deep und standing of family relationships, and could always tell when an employee ^ having problems at home. She was not a "pull-yourself-together" sort of bos: all. If she sensed that something was wrong, she would call you into her ofi and encourage you to talk. Not only was she a good listener, but the advice offered was always sound as well.

| 6| 11 lost touch with Miriam after her retirement, but I will always remt ber her as the "guiding light" in my working life, the woman who - throi her example, help and advice - enabled me to be as successful as I am toe

25 Read the model below and correct the highlighted words. Write S for spelling, WO for word order, G for grammar, P for punctuation or WW for wrong word. Then, fill in the paragraph plan.

Paragraph 1

who the person is

Paragraph 2

Paragraph 3

Paragraph 4

Describe an important person from the past and explain uihy he/she is of significant importance

Thomas Jefferson, who was born (Q£)1743 in Virginia, USA, was an extraordinarily able and gifted man who's influence on American politics and culture is still felt to this day. Best known as the author of the Declaration of Independence, (which stated America's reasons for needing to be free of British rule) and as the third president of the United States, Jefferson was a highly educated and multi-talented man which left his mark not only on politics but on agriculture, architecture, linguistics and philosophy, as well.

Jefferson was a tall, well-built man with striking features and a memorable physical presence. He was perceptive and sensitive in personal relations and, although was he involved in many political controversies, he did not bear grudges against his opponents. Despite the fact that he was a public figure, and often had as much as fifty people staying in his home, he was a very private person who kept his private life to himself. He was a linguistically learned man who at least knew six languages, had a keen interest in developing new varieties of food plants, instigated the first systematic study of American / Indian dialects and designed his own home, Monticello, an outstanding example of 18th century neoclassical architecture.

Admirable in many ways, this man was most to be respected for his belief in the freedom of the individual, which he spent all of his life fighting for. His more fundamental belief was that every person has the right to be economically independent and to decide his or her own destiny, and this philosophy formed the basis of American thought which still today survives. He was scandalised by proposals to establish a dictatorship in the United states, and declared that "the very thought alone was treason against the people".

Jefferson believed in the importance of education for whole people. He held the belief that no country could function properly if its citizens were uneducated, and he fought hardly for the establishment of schools and also founded the University of Virginia, even designing the buildings and supervising their construction himself. He refered to this act as "The last service I can render my country", and it was indeed a valuable one. í

Paragraph 5

All in all, Thomas Jefferson was a person who he earned esteem and affection while his lifetime, and who deserves our respect for his influence on political thought and for the long-lasting effects of all ! that he accomplished during his long and fruitful career.

26 Descriptions of people can be found in stories, letters of recommendation, police reports, newspaper articles etc. Read the following extracts and decide:

a. where each extract is taken from.

b. who the writer of each extract is.

c. who each extract is addressed to.

d. which extracts are written in formal/informal style.

To whom it may concern: Paul Webster has been in our employment for the last five years. During that time, I have found him to be honest, reliable and trustworthy. He has proven himself to be a dedicated and highly-motivated member of our workforce. Always professional in his appearance and approach to his responsibilities, Mr Webster has been a great asset to our company and I have no hesitation in recommending him for any related post.

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