Your Drama Class Is Planning To Stage A Play Write A Letter To Local Magizne Giving Information

comedy act

• venue:




• confirm booking/details no later than:

4th November

1st November

• contact by :




jWt A letter gr /' main purp giving information is a formal piece of writing related to a particular situation. Its purpose is to give information, usually when this has been requested by someone / else. It may also provide suggestions, request help, give an opinion, etc.

• Each point should be presented in a separate paragraph containing a clear topic sentence supported by examples and/or justification.

Useful Language

I am writing to inform you that/advise you of/let you know that...

I regret/am delighted/would like/feel obliged to inform you ...

your letter requesting information about. your enquiry about... our telephone conversation concerning .

I am writing in response to in reply to with regard to in connection with

I am writing (to you)

To end letters:

I hope that this information will be of some assistance ... I hope/trust that I have been able to answer all of your questions ... I would be pleased/happy to provide you with any additional information ... being able to help you again in the future.

I look forward to answering your queries.

Paragraph 1

state reason(s) for writing

Paragraphs 2-3*

give information required

Paragraphs 4-5*

provide further explanations/suggestions/opinion as stated in the task instructions

Final Paragraph closing remarks Full name

* The exact number and division of paragraphs will depend on the specific instructions for each letter-writing task.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you !

require further information.

| have any further questions.

2 Read the instructions and the modei letter below and give the topic of each paragraph.

As the University Accommodation Officer, you have received a letter requesting information. Write a letter in reply, including details of the available housing facilities, the amenities provided, location, transportation, facilities, and rent costs.

Dear Mr Houston,

I am writing in response to your request for information regarding university accommodation. I have included details of our accommodation in general, as well as a booklet describing the individual halls of residence.

As you can see fro m the booklet, the university has a number of student halls of residence, ranging from those offering_ful[ board and lodgings to those with self-catering accommodation only. Students who prefer to have their meals provided can expect to have three meals a dag, served at set times in the hall dining-room. The self-catering units, however, are based on Jive people sharing a kitchen - crockery and cutlery is not provided - and bathroom facilities comprising two showers and a bath per corridor.

All the halls of residence have a laundry room with washing machines (£1 per load) and tumble dryers (50pfor 10 minutes' drying). Irons and ironing boards are also provided. The rooms are cleaned twice weekly by the domestic staff, and clean linen is distributed once every two weeks.

As well as halls of residence, accommodation is also available in the form of private flats and houses, which can be shared with other students. Bedsits are also available. Private accommodation is limited so you are urged to submit your application as soon as possible.

Most of the accommodation is near the campus; buses run frequently and are relatively cheap. The halls are mostly situated in residential areas and a number of them have tennis courts and croquet lawns. Access to these facilities is restricted, though, to protect playing surfaces.

University accommodation prices range from £30 per week for self-catering to £75 per week for a room with an en suite bathroom and full board. Private accommodation varies from £40 to £90 per week.

I trust this information will be of some assistance and I look forward to meeting you in September when term starts. I have enclosed application forms for you to complete. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

Yours sincerely, "KtUtA. fëeufmtmd

Keith Raymond (Accommodation Officer)

3 Read the instructions and the two models and answer the questions: a) which one successfully covers the requirements of the topic? b) which one uses an inappropriate style and tone? and c) how is each paragraph introduced in the good model?

An international conference is to be held at the hotel where you work. Write a letter of welcome to be sent to the delegates in advance, telling them what the hotel and the district have to offer them.

Model B

Dear Sir/Madam,

Orchestra Silohet
Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm writing to welcome you to the Moonshine Hotel where the interriatioaal conference starts next week. I want to remind you that there'll be a champagne reception upon your arrival. Now, I would like to give you some in/ormation about the hotel itself and the local district.

In the first place, I am sure you will be satisfied with our accommodation. We have been working very hard to get things ready for you and your colleagues. Our rooms have lots of space and are quite luxurious. Each room has a bathroom, Jacuzzi and sauna. Don't hesitate to use our new Olympic Leisure Centre, which contains a weights room and swimming pool, a great way to cool off after a tiring day! By the way, make sure you have a drink at our fabulous Napoleon Bar. There are many interesting sights to see in the local district. The hotel will provide you with a tour guide or a map, if you decide to explore the area on your own. You'll also be glad to know that a famous TV series was made here. I'm looking forward to your stay at our hotel.

Yours faithfully, /Be« Itut 'A

Rex Truth

(General Manager)

As General Manager of the Moonshir Hotel, I am writing with regard to your sta with us during the international con/erenc weekend which we shall be hosting.

The Moonshine Hotel prides itself on it luxurious accommodation and highly-traine< staff. We are certain you will be delightei with your accommodation as each of ou rooms is very spacious with its own en suite bathroom, jacuzzi and sauna. Room service i; available twenty-/our hours a day should yoi require meals, snacks or drinks in your room.

We also hope that you will find time during your weekend here to take advantage of our wide range of guest facilities. As a conference delegate, you will be entitled to use our newly-opened Olympic Leisure Centre, equipped with a swimming pool, gym and squash courts, completely free of charge during your stay. At the Moonshine Hotel we also have a first-class restaurant, brasserie, coffee shop and bar, so you will undoubtedly find an area to relax in. The Moon Restaurant has a superb view over the town of Wickby and has a reputation as one of the best eating establishments in the area.

If time permits, we would also recommend you explore the picturesque medieval town of Wickby as it boasts the fascinating ruins of an ancient castle as well as some fine shops and public houses. In Wickby you can also take a stroll along the beautiful banks of the Lockerton Canal, which was made famous by the recently-screened "Lost Lockerton" television series.

In advance of your arrival, I would like to wish you a very happy stay here, and hope that you will not hesitate to contact me personally should you have any enquiries prior to, or during the conference itself.

Yours faithfully,

Rex Truth

(General Manager)

4 Read the instructions and the model letter below and find the topic sentence of each paragraph. What are the two purposes of writing the letter? Then underline any words and phrases which you feel are too informal for a letter of this kind. (The numbers in circles are next to the lines in which these words and phrases occur.)

Your school or college has decided to organise a service in your area to collect waste paper and glass for recycling. Write a letter to your local radio station, giving details of the planned service and asking them to pass on this information for the benefit of local residents.

Tipton College, 2, Crescent Road, Tipton

11th May, 1997

The Manager, Star Radio Station, St Michael's Walk, Tipton

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you on behalf of the students at Tipton College so you can tell your listeners of a recycling project we are starting (2) in this area. I am sure you know that there are currently no recycling facilities in Tipton itself. There are a number of large stores outside the town centre which provide this service, but this is inconvenient for many residents.

The students of Tipton College have decided to organise a scheme whereby volunteers wiii collect any waste paper and glass I (§) for delivery to a local company which will recycle it. We think that if we do this on a regular basis, more residents of the town will stop discarding their reusable rubbish and recycle it instead.

The service will begin on the first Monday of next month, and collections will take place every Monday thereafter. There will be collection points at various locations around the town, which will be ; ® clearly marked for easy identification. All you have to do is take your waste paper and glass to these points. All glass products should be washed thoroughly and have their lids removed beforehand. (D We'd like it if the above information could be included in your (D bulletins of local news. I'm sure you'll agree that this service will be of interest to many people who are willing to help in environmental matters but cannot do so for practical reasons. ® Furthermore, it would be great if the announcement could be (§) repeated several times during the day. This way, the maximum number of people will be made aware of the scheme. ® Thanks a lot in anticipation of your assistance in this matter. Please ® do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know anything else.

Yours faithfully, Alison Brown

5 Look at the phrases below and say which could be used to replace the informal expressions in Ex. 4.

a We would be extremely grateful b in the hope that you could inform ©

c It is hoped that by doing this d As you are doubtless aware, e Residents need only take their f should you require any further information g I would like to express my thanks h This would ensure that i it would be greatly appreciated j This service will undoubtedly

6 Read the following instructions, and answer the questions below.

You are the training director for a large international company, and you are organising a two-day training course for senior staff. You have invited Professor William Jones, a leading expert on industrial relations, to take part in the course as a guest lecturer. Write a letter to Professor Jones, giving details of the training and social activities which have been planned for the course and confirming the arrangements you- have made for him concerning transport and accommodation.

• What greeting would you use?

• What is the main purpose of writing the letter?

• What information could you include as the 'details' referred to?

• What additional objectives do the task instructions mention?

• In which paragraph(s) would you deal with this?

• What useful expressions could you use as opening and closing remarks?

• How would you sign the letter?

7 !§! You will hear the training director of a company talking to her secretary about the training course referred to in Ex. 6. Look at the secretary's notes below, then, listen to the cassette and fill in the gaps in the notes.


Fri 20/06:


_pm Reception at

_am Lecture by

12:30 pm Lunch

_pm Visit to factory

8:00 pm Dinner at_Restaurant

12:30 pm Lunch

_pm Address by_Manager

8:30 pm Cocktail party (Hotel Lounge)


~~7\ Car - airport > hotel (18/06 - flight arrives 2:00 pm)

~7\ Royal Oaks Hotel (18/06 - 21/06) / 2 minibuses for factory visit / Restaurant (30 people)

~7\ Car - hotel > airport (21/06 - Flight leaves 11:00 am)

8 Now use the information from the notes above to write the letter referred to in Ex. 6 on p. 91, in about 300 words.

9 Look at the following writing tas instructions and then answer th questions below. The questions appl to all three tasks.

a) Your drama class is planning b stage a play. Write a letter to a loca magazine, giving details of the per formance and requesting that the help to publicise the event b) Your friends have accepted an invi tation to come and stay in you, house while you and your family an away. Write a letter giving them aJ the information necessary to maki their visit enjoyable and trouble free.

c) You are organising an went to raist money for a worthwhile cause. Writi a letter to your local newspapet giving details of the event ant explaining how the money will bi used.

• What greeting would you use?

• What is the main purpose for writing the letter?

• What is the additional purpose?

• What paragraph plan would you use?

• What useful expressions could you ust as opening and closing remarks?

• How would you sign the letter?

10 Choose ONE of the writing task! above, and write a complete para graph plan with notes. Then write th< letter in about 300 words.

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