You Work For A Large Travel Agency And Have Just Spent

(10) Additionally/In conclusion, I strongly recommend that Victoria should be promoted to the position of group coordinator. I feel she is an excellent candidate for the job and would be a valuable addition to the team.

6 Look at the following writing task instructions and then answer the questions below. The questions apply to both tasks.

a) You work for a large travel agency and have just spent a week on a small island to see if it would be a suitable destination for package holidays. Write a report for your employer describing such things as the place itself, how to get there, available accommodation, restaurants, transport, tourist attractions and so on, and state your recommendation concerning its suitability.

b) Asa senior assistant in the Personnel Department of your company, you have been asked by the Managing Director to submit a report on one of the temporary employees. The report should include comments on the employee's performance, and state whether you would recommend him/her for a permanent position in the company.

• What information would you give before stating the purpose of the report?

• What is the purpose of each report?

• What information would you include in the report?

• In what order would you present this information, and under which subheadings?

• What would your recommendation be?

• What useful expressions could you use in the introductory and final paragraphs?

7 Choose ONE of the writing tasks above, and write a complete paragraph plan with notes. Then write the report in about 300 words.

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