Fire Destroys Collection

^^ A painting by Pablo Picasso, which was thought to have been destroyed over forty years ago, was found by building workers in the attic of an old house in the village of Silverdale last Monday.

The builders were making alterations to the house when they made the discovery. The painting was wrapped in cloth and leaning against a wall in the attic, which was being cleared in preparation for restoration work.

The painting was believed to have been destroyed in a fire in 1950, along with several other well-known works of art belonging to collector Miles Duval. It is not clear how this particular work survived the blaze and came to be in the attic of the house.

The title of the painting has not yet been revealed to the public, but experts have verified that it is genuine and worth a great deal of money.

The owner of the house, Mrs Brenda Freeman, said, "I had no idea it was there, so it's a wonderful surprise."

News reports and narratives differ in a number of ways with relation to style and content.

A news report is written in a formal style and deals only with facts. The writer's feelings are not mentioned. A news report starts with a summary of the event (who, when, what, where) which is then developed in detail. To end a news report, you can mention people's comments or make reference to future developments.

A narrative is written in an informal style and includes elaborate descriptions as well as the writer's feelings and emotions. You can begin or end a narrative by:

a) describing the weather, place, people, etc using the senses b) using direct speech c) asking a rhetorical question d) creating mystery or suspense e) referring to feelings or moods

3 Match the beginnings with the endings, then decide which belong to news reports and which to narratives, justifying your answers.

A major snowstorm hit the east coast of the United States yesterday, causing road accidents, power cuts and flight cancellations in New York, Boston and Hartford.

"Who is it?" the voice said from behind the door. I stood on the porch, my heart pounding, my whole body cold and numb. I knew it was going to be hard to answer all of their questions after so many years of absence and hatred.

Two builders were seriously injured yesterday morning when the scaffolding on the building site they were working on collapsed.

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