G Letters of Apology

• If you have received a letter of complaint, it is polite to reply to it. The purpose for writing a letter of apology is to explain the reason(s) for the problems stated in the letter of complaint and to ensure that the situation will be resolved/improved. You may also offer some form of compensation.

• A letter of apology is written in a formal style and requires a dignified and polite tone.

• You should deal with each aspect of the complaint in a separate paragraph.

Useful Language

• Opening remarks:

I am writing to apologise for... /offer my apologies for...

Please accept my/our sincere/profuse apologies for (the unavoidable delay, etc)

I must/would like to apologise for (the unfortunate confusion, etc).

• To introduce new points: With regard to/As regards ... As far as ... is/are concerned ... Firstly/First of all/Secondly/Finally,...

• To emphasise what you say: Clearly/Obviously/Needless to say,...

In fact/As a matter of fact/Actually/lndeed,...

Please allow me to offer/suggest... as compensation (for...). I insist on (+ ing) to make up for your loss/inconvenience, etc.

• Closing remarks:

Once again, my/our sincere(st) apologies for the inconvenience caused. I hope that you will accept my apologies/that my apologies will be accepted. I hope that you can forgive/overlook this regrettable error.

1 Fill in the correct words/phrases from the list below. Try to include them in your letters.

inevitable, gift voucher, isolated incident, circumstances beyond our control, at your disposal, compliments, complimentary, oversight

1 I assure you that this is a(n) (single occurrence which is unlikely to happen again)

2 Unfortunately due to , we will not be able to offer an alternative venue for the concert, (something which we have no control over)

3 Failure to repair the equipment was due to a(n) on our part.

(failure to notice something)

4 It is that our prices will rise periodically, (certain)

5 We are delighted to enclose tickets for our forthcoming concert, by way of compensation, (free)

6 A complete refund cannot be given but a(n)

for the amount has been enclosed, (token)

IfltfOdUCllOR Paragraph 1

state reason(s) for writing

Main liif

Paragraphs 2-3

give explanations

Paragraph 4

suggest compensation

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