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Transactional letters are letters responding to a particular situation, which is presented by means of written prompts (letters, leaflets, advertisements, news reports, etc, as well as handwritten notes and comments) and/or visual prompts (diagrams, maps, etc). They may be formal, semi-formal or informal, depending on who you are writing to.

Transactional letters can be of any type - e.g. to give Information, to complain about something, etc - and may have one or more additional purposes. You may be asked to write two or more transactional letters related to the same situation and based on the same information. These tasks, however, will usually be different in length, style and/or purpose.

e.g. a) a formal letter of application for a Job b) a brief note to a friend Informing them of your career plans.

All the relevant information given in the rubric and prompts must be included in your letter(s), but you should use your own words as much as possible, and will be expected to decide which information is relevant and which is not.

The information included should be clearly and logically arranged, with each point presented in a separate paragraph containing a clear topic sentence.

Transactional letters should use:

- appropriate greetings and endings;

- standard expressions of suggestion, complaint, apology, etc.

Read these two letters and answer the questions which follow.

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