■ 5%fl swimming pool bowling green library gym/aerobics arts & crafts centre number, majority, per cent, percentage, one in four

1 The of those questioned wanted a swimming pool built.

2 A very small of the people surveyed were interested in having an arts and crafts centre.

3 A reasonably small of those who responded wanted a bowling green or library.

4 Twelve of the people who responded to the survey wished to have a gym included in the facilities.

5 Nearly of those questioned wanted a bowling green installed.

4 All the sentences in Ex. 3 state facts. Generalisations are statements which help clarify the facts. They can either precede or come after the facts. Read the facts and the generalisations listed below, and decide which sentences go together. Finally, link them using one of the two ways mentioned in the theory box on p. 130.


1 About one quarter of those questioned expressed interest in having a bowling green.

2 By far the largest number of those surveyed responded positively to the idea of having a swimming pool installed.

3 A small minority of those questioned thought that an arts and crafts centre would be a useful addition.

4 Twenty-four per cent of respondents wanted a bowling green and nineteen per cent requested a library.

5 A small proportion of the people asked did want the developer to build a gym and aerobics studio.

Generalisations a Some of the prospective residents do enjoy taking strenuous exercise.

b Sociable team-sports appeal.

c There are very few pensioners who enjoy creative activities like painting and pottery.

d Among pensioners, relaxing aquatic sports are generally preferred to working out in a gym.

e Outdoor activities and reading are quite popular pastimes.

Look at the results of an opinion poll below, and the paragraph entitled "Services" from the survey report. Circle the statistics below which have been included in the extract, say whether each phrase underlined in the report expresses a fact or a generalisation, then replace the underlined phrases with synonymous phrases from the "Useful Language" box on p. 130.

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