Cars Enslave Us Rather Than Liberate Essay 350 Words

• Can you think of any additional arguments for and/or against the topic in Exercise 9?

• What paragraph plan would you follow to write this essay?

• Which arguments would you include and in what order?

• What techniques could you use to begin and end this essay?

• Suggest a suitable introduction and conclusion.

• Is the style in which the arguments are expressed appropriately formal? Why (not)?

• What useful expressions could you use?

10 Now. using the notes and answers to the questions in Ex. 9 and above, write a composition on the topic " Cars enslave us rather than liberate us." in about 350 words, using appropriately formal style, useful expressions and linking words or phrases.

fi. Essays Suggesting Solutions lo Problems

ES You will hear two people discussing the problem of stress and what can be done about it. Look at the table below and match the suggestions with the results; then listen to the cassette and check your answers. Finally, use the linking expressions listed below to explain each suggestion and its result in your own words.

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    How to introduce enslave's essay?
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