Write A Report As Secretary Of The School Photography Club

Auditions were held on 15th July to select local performers. In addition, two professional groups have agreed to appear in the concert free of charge. Unfortunately, another band we had hoped would appear is unavailable. However, our Director of Music, Ms Foxe, is confident that the standard will be more than satisfactory, and states that rehearsals are progressing smoothly.

The concert will be held in the main area of Crowtree Park, which is easily accessible both by private and public transport and has good public toilet facilities. Seating will be hired from a local company, and a covered stage, to be erected in the centre of the park, has already been constructed by volunteers under the supervision of Mr Wilson.

Refreshments will be provided by local restaurants, who will make their own arrangements regarding stalls and vendors. Mr Wilson's group of volunteers have agreed to sell tickets at the Town Hall, as well as undertaking crowd control and ticket inspection during the concert itself.

Permission has been granted by the council authorities for us to use the park free of charge, and Harrison Rentals have agreed to a reduced price of £100 for the hire of chairs. Excluding the cost of printing tickets and posters, the cost of the concert will be approximately £550.

I am delighted to inform the committee that arrangements have proceeded faster than anticipated, and the concert promises to be of a higher standard than last year's. However, it must be pointed out that no arrangements have yet been made concerning publicity and printing, which is now a matter of some urgency.

3 Look at the following writing task instructions and then answer the questions below.

As secretary of the school/college photography club> write a report for the club's annual meeting. You should report on such matters as membership, special projects and activities during the past year, and what has already been proposed for next year.

• What information would you give before stating the purpose of the report?

• What is the purpose of the report?

• What information would you include in the report?

• In what order would you present this information, and under which subheadings?

• What useful expressions could you use in the introductory and final paragraphs?

4 Now write a complete paragraph plan, with notes, for the task above. Then write the report in about 300 words.

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