Dear Mr Savage,

Following the "Safety in the Workplace" seminar which was recently delivered here at Savage Engineering Ltd. and my subsequent inspection of our premises, I am writing to you to inform you of certain recommendations concerning the company's own safety standards.

Firstly, with regard to fire safety, I have personally checked that our premises can be quickly and safely evacuated should the need ever arise. However, due to our rapid turnover of staff, I feel that fire drills should be held every four months, rather than every six months as recommended in the guidelines.

Similarly, regarding equipment training, I would like to suggest a period of one week for all new employees to be familiarised with the safe and correct operation of machinery. This would ensure that any risk of accidents involving equipment is kept to a minimum.

As far as the other guidelines are concerned, I feel confident that we are taking adequate precautions. I have already circulated booklets on hygiene and, in the coming week, I will be notifying cleaning staff of revised procedures. I will also be printing handouts warning all staff of the consequences should any of the safety regulations be contravened.

I trust the above information is to your satisfaction.

Yours sincerely, P.7V. SteuHVU

P.W. Stewart

Dear Sir/Madam, CiL^

I am . writing on behalf of Savage Engineering Ltd. to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to attend your recent seminar on "Safety in the Workplace".

Your guidelines were both practical and clearly expressed, and I am sure they will be of benefit to all those who participated.

Thanking you once again,

Yours faithfully,

P.7V. StMwU

P.W. Stewart

• What is the main purpose of each of these letters (e.g. thanks, complaint, etc)? Which letter has more than one purpose? What additional purposed) does it have?

• What is the subject of each letter?

• What is the topic of each paragraph in letter a?

• Are the letters similar or different in style, length, greeting and ending?

2 Both letters on page 111 were written in response to the situation presented in the rubric, prompts and notes below. Read these carefully (several times if necessary) and answer the questions which follow.

You recently attended a seminar about safety at work. Your office manager has asked you to write to the managing director of the company you work for, with recommendations for increasing safety in your workplace. Read the leaflet from the seminar (1), as well as the memo from your office manager (2), together with your notes on these.


Hold Fire Drills: A full fire drill should be held every 6 months and all employees should be made aware of fire exits and assembly points. It is essential that the building can be evacuated quickly in the event of an emergency. S

Learn to Use Equipment Properly:

All members of staff must be made fully aware of operating instructions for machinery they will be expected to use, and a suitable period must be allowed for training. Unsupervised use of equipment by untrained workers can be fatal.

Keep Your Work Area Clean and Tidy:

Since so many accidents are caused by equipment being left unattended, doors being left open, etc, encourage employees to be tidy. Cleaning should be carried out at suitable times and notices should be clearly displayed to warn of wet floors.

A Healthy Workplace Means a Healthy Staff:

Safety from illness is as important as safety from accidents, i There are laws governing the preparation of food and drinks, as well as hygiene in kitchen and bathroom areas. Booklets with guidelines are available. Make sure your company has them and that people read them. S

Take Notice!

Notices concerning all of the above safety regulations must be placed in prominent positions. Strict disciplinary action should be raken if employees do not obev rules.

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