You Coach An Amaeur Football Team. Write A Letter To A Local School

Unit 7a Letters of Request

4 Read the instructions and the model letter below and re-arrange the paragraphs in the correct order. Then, suggest alternative ways to begin and end the letter. Finally, give the topic of each paragraph.

You are a member of an environmental protection society which is organising a "clean-up" weekend. Write a letter to the headmaster of your local school asking for students' help. Explain what activities will be involved and how useful it will be for the community as a whole.

Green Earth

10, Hamilton House



13th October, 1997

The Headmaster

St Paul's Secondary School



Dear Mr. Hills, f o There are various activities planned for the weekend, which will take place on 22nd and 23rd June. Volunteers are requested to meet at 11 am on Saturday at the shopping centre on Market Street. Black bin-liners will be distributed and volunteers will be split into groups for safety. The collection of rubbish and materials for recycling will take place within the inner-j city area and the bags will be collected from the meeting point at 4 pm. j © I am writing on behalf of Green Earth to request your students' help on a special "clean-up" weekend which we are organising. O Then, on Sunday, volunteers will meet on the beach at 9 am so that rub-i bish can be collected during the morning. There will also be a "clean-up" art competition which will be open to young people between eight and j eighteen. Applicants are asked to submit drawings or paintings, on an 1 environmental theme, by 21st June. The winners will be announced at | noon on Sunday, when prizes will be awarded.

j 01 would be most grateful if you could pass on the above information to your students. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. O Furthermore, the entire community will benefit since the town will attract more visitors, thus increasing business and tourism. In addition, the town and beach will be much cleaner and safer for our children. I O We Jeei sure that you will agree that, in recent years, our town and beach have become unsightly and that there are huge benefits to be gained from such a project. National surveys have shown that the more young people feel involved in protecting the environment, the cleaner the area will stay after the initial efforts.

i Yours faithfully,

P.D. Midgeley

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5 Look at the following writing task instructions and answer the questions below. The questions apply to both tasks.

a) You coach an amateur football team. Write a letter to a local school requesting permission to use their facilities and explaining why your team cannot find facilities elsewhere. Suggest how this may be arranged so that your team's training will not interfere with the school's activities.

b) You work for a children's home which needs volunteers to help at weekends. Write to the local newspaper requesting that they publicise the vacancies. You should include details of what is required of the applicants and explain the ways in which both volunteers and children might benefit

• What greeting would you use?

• What is the main purpose for writing the letter?

• What is the additional purpose?

• What paragraph plan would you use?

• What useful expressions could you use as opening and closing remarks?

• How would you sign the letter?

6 Choose ONE of the writing tasks above, and write a complete paragraph plan with notes. Then write the letter in about 300 words.

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