As A Chef And Exeel Catering

B.Sc in Business Studies — University of Wales

Work Experience:

April 1993 - Sept 1997

Assistant Managing Director, Melton Enterprises, London Sept 1989 - April 1993

Market Researcher, BLD Services, Oxford June 1987 - Aug 1989

Trainee Market Researcher, The Yen Company, Tokyo

Other Information:

• Basic Japanese

• Full, clean driving licence

• Interests: sailing, cookiRg, jogging, karate


Carl Spencer (President) BLD Services 2, Downing St, Oxford

Susan Marcus (Managing Director) Melton Enterprises 42, St Catherines St, London

3 Fill in the gap in each extract with the correct profession as shown in the pictures. Then, say what qualities each profession requires.

While working as a(n) , I had to drive carefully so that deliveries were transported safely and on time. My boss must have believed I was reliable and trustworthy to give me a position in which I handled goods worth thousands of pounds.

There was always complete silence in the operating room as I had to concentrate on every move I made. When I first became a ,

I used to be nervous before an operation but eventually I learned to cope with the stress that came with being responsible for people's lives. Although I worked long hours and neglected my family sometimes, saving people's lives was definitely worth the sacrifice.

When I worked as a(n) for a major airline, I had to get accustomed to working unsociable hours. As I was in control of a large aircraft carrying up to 300 passengers, I had to find ways to deal with stress, especially in emergency situations. I realised over the years that those who were best at the job were level-headed and able to remain calm during a crisis.

When I made my living as a(n) I had to be alert. I managed to be ready even at a minute's notice when a story broke out. My job also entailed having good communication skills and being innovative and persistent. I loved the challenge of being the first one to report a new and exciting story.

As a(n) , I quickly learnt to work under pressure. My job involved being brave as I had to take risks. I was given an award for courage in 1992 in recognition of my dedication to duty.

While working as a(n) , I looked forward to the challenges

I faced in proving my clients' innocence. Although it was difficult to be objective, I always managed not to allow my personal feelings to interfere. It was extremely rewarding to win a case and to know that I had saved an innocent client from prison.

4 Fill in the correct preposition.

1 Having lived in Hong Kong for twelve years, I have a wide knowledge

the Chinese language.

2 I have a degree Middle Eastern politics and am fluent Arabic.

3 I have been a teacher for the past fifteen years and am very familiar

the new teaching approach.

4 I am very experienced dealing with financial crises since I have worked as a financial advisor for twenty years.

5 As an auctioneer, I feel that I have experience assessing works of art.

6 Having worked as a foreign minister, I am an expert foreign affairs.

7 As a consultant for the Special Olympics Committee, I am well versed the needs of the disabled.

8 I am currently employed as a chef and excel catering for large groups.

Collocate the following words and then explain their meaning. Try to include them in your letters.

fulfil, handle, attend, work, have, show, operate, graduate, broaden, gain

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