late 8th century Q

late '80's O late 18th century Q


round Q

rectangular | |

square Q


plain Q

carved [~]

striped Q m


blue ~ ]

aqua-green Q]

green [[] B


Vienneze | |

Venetian Q

Venezuelan |


glass [j

porcelain Q

crystal j [

Special characteristics

two handles [J

one handle Q]

small base Q

Reason for being special

expensive [ j

family heirloom [

* oatteri

• When you describe objects you should give accurate information concerning the size and weight (e.g. big, small, heavy, light, etc) shape (e.g. triangular, oval, square, etc), pattern and decoration (e.g. tartan, striped, etc), colour (e.g. red, green, etc) origin (e.g. Chinese, Hungarian, etc) and material (e.g. woollen, silk, wooden, etc). You should not use all of these adjectives one after the other because this will make your description sound unnatural. You can give necessary information in separate sentences. e.g. It is a large brown suitcase. Its hard leather b worn and scratched.

• Descriptions of objects can be found in catalogues, advertisements, leaflets or as part of letters, reports, articles or stories.

Read the following descriptions and underline the correct word. Where could each description have been taken from?

a The pocket watch is made of 1) brass/chrome and is attached to a long chain. It has an 2) ebony ¡ivory face with 3) romanlarabic numerals and a separate dial for the 4) second/hour hand. There is a small inscription on the back which reads "J.G.W. 1927".

b She stared across the cold dark room at the solitary candlestick on the table. A weak, 1) flickering/flashing flame rose from the tall 2) dark/pale stem which

appeared to have been 1 ioned from 3) mudl< Intrigued by its 4) obscure design, she lifted hersel the bench and walked tow the candlestick.

c This beau piece i< one of J Pot new lectic brooches, now available branches of Woodchei A spray of 1) shimme shuddering mother-of-leaves rest on a 2) sickly cate gold stem. Below leaves nestles a 3) single, ly, 4) round/cylindrical p

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