You Have Seen An Advertisement In The Newspaper For The Position Of Hotel Manager At A Popular Ski Resort



/fl^ Useful Language: Applying

9 I am writi

I am writing to apply for would like to be considered for admission to a place on for a Course the course in

• Closing remarks:

I enclose

Please find enclosed further details of my education/qualifications to date, a copy of my degree/diploma/etc.

I hope that you will consider me for entry/admission to ...

6 First, read the instructions below and underline the key words. Then, read the model and check if all the information required by the instructions has been included. Finally, identify the topic of each paragraph.

You wish to apply for a course of study in Britain. Write a letter of application to the college or university concerned, giving your personal details and your academic qualifications, including your level of English. Include information about the course and subjects you wish to study, and why you have chosen this particular college or university.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for the journalism Foundation Course offered by your university for the academic year beginning October, 1998.

I am a 24-year-old French citizen currently living in Paris. Since leaving school in 1990, I have held a variety of positions working for local newspapers. For the last two years I have been employed as an assistant in the editing department of an English Language newspaper published in Paris.

I am a bolder of the Bac.C. as well as having successfully completed a DEUG in English Literature. Furthermore, I have been studying English since the age of 12 and have recently obtained a grade B in the Cambridge Proficiency in English examination.

I believe that I am well-suited to a career in journalism and I am keen to continue working in this field. However, I feel that I lack the formal qualifications and training necessary to progress beyond my present level of assistant editor. A foundation course would give me an excellent basis for further study, together with an in sight into journalism from an international perspective.

Your university has an extremely good reputation in the field of journalism and media studies. The facilities which you offer to students seem both practical and up-to-date. The "Gender and Media" option on your syllabus is of particular interest to me, as is the opportunity to study in a large city such as London.

Please find enclosed a copy of my CV, giving further details of my educational qualifications and work experience. I hope you will consider my application and I look forward to bearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

"WCcvicel "Tttantm

Marcel Martin

7 Look at the following writing task instructions and answer the questions below. The questions apply to both tasks.

a) You have seen an advertisement in dte newspaper for the position oi Hotel Manager at a popular ski resort Write a letter o f application giving information about yourself, your qualifications and previous experience, as well as explaining why you would be suitable for the job.

b) You have been studying English for several years in your own country, and feel that you would benefit from an eight-week intensive course for foreign students offered by a college in the south of England. Write a letter applying for a place on the course, stating your reasons for choosing this particular college.

• What greeting would you use?

• What is the main purpose for writing the letter?

• What is/are the additional purpose(s)?

• What paragraph plan would you use?

• What useful expressions could you use as opening and closing remarks?

• How would you sign the letter?

8 Choose ONE of the writing tasks above, and write a complete outline plan with notes. Then write the letter in about 300 words.

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