[13] He decides to fly home immediate!)

31 Which of these "beginning" sentences would require flashback narration, which would suit chronological narration, and which could use either approach? Explain the reason for your choice, and then suggest a suitable plot for each story.

A "He couldn't help wondering if he had done the right thing."

B "As I answered the telephone, little did I realise how my life was about to change."

C "The chances of such a coincidence were a million to one."

D "It had all been a terrible misunderstanding."

E "As she looked ac the courtroom at tt members of the jury started crying."

F "She walked into the restaurant, looking forward to a pleasant mea with old friends."

32 Read the models below and number the paragraphs in chronological order. Which model uses flashback narration, and in which paragraph (s) are the flashback events included? What tense has been used for these events? Finally, select a different paragraph as a starting point for flashback narration, and tell the story again in your own words.

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