One Of The Most Run-down Areas Of Town Located Close To The Canal Allenby Used To Be Occupied By The Cotton Industry

Situated on two rivers near the Yorkshire Moors, York is a fascinating and memorable place to explore. My first visit there was organised while I was in my last year at school. Since it was a history trip, York seemed to be the best choice as it is such a well-preserved city which has been of historical importance for nearly two thousand years.

Surrounded by high, medieval stone walls, the old part of the town is like a journey back in time. As you wander through the maze of busy, narrow streets, you cannot fail to be struck by the quaintness of the irregular, half-timbered houses. Rising above these and dominating the skyline are breathtaking examples of medieval and Gothic architecture.

Of the many things York has to offer, there are several which stand out in my mind. York Minster, in particular, with its intricate stonework and stained-glass windows, is an awe-inspiring sight. There are museums of all kinds, including a railway museum and Jorvik Viking Centre, where visitors can learn more about the individual periods of the city's rich history. Finally, the many tea-rooms, coffee-shops and restaurants, each with its own brand of charm, are ideal places to

relax for a while and take in the atmosphere.

One thing that makes York unique among English towns is the care with which it has been preserved. There are few cities where such attention has been paid to detail in an attempt to preserve the authenticity of the many historic buildings. Medieval and Gotl structures have been painstakingly restored and the present residei seem to share a sense of pride in the splendour of their surrounding

York is also notable for the fact that it has managed to incorpor modern life into such a historic setting. Shops and offices offer a range of goods and services while still maintaining the charm and C nity of a bygone age. All the usual twentieth century requirements catered for in an atmosphere reminiscent of a time when the pace life was much slower.

The combination of ancient and modern held such a fascination me during that first visit that I have been back many times since, e; time discovering something new.

Making comparisons

To compare places or buildings you can use:

(just/nearly) as ... (positive degree)... as e.g. In those days the main streets were fust as congested as they are today.

the same as e.g. The cottage was the same as it had been fifty years before.

(relatively/considerably) less ... (positive degree)... than e.g. The new buildings are considerably less ornate than the old ones. (much/far/considerably) more + adjective/adverb + than e.g. The northern area is more picturesque than the eastern area. (by far) the most + adjective e.g.Hill Manor is by far the most elegant hotel in the region.

comparative + and + comparative e.g. The streets are becoming dirtier and dirtier.

the comparative ..., the + comparative e.g. The further south you travel, the warmer it becomes.

26 Rewrite the following sentences without changing the meaning.

e.g. The castle was renovated and is now much more impressive than any other in the region. After being renovated, the castle is now by far the mast impressive one/castle in the refjon.

1 Some of the archaeological sites are fascinating, whereas the museums are rather uninteresting. The museums are not nearly

2 The shopping centre in Harries Road has many more shops than the one in Bridge Street.

The shopping centre in Bridge Street hasn't got

3 As the population of the city grew the number of schools and hospitals being built increased.

As the population of the city grew, so

4 The Anderson Sports Centre has better equipment than the Pollock Centre.

The Pollock Centre is not

5 The layout of our old flat was very impractical in comparison to the layout of the new flat.

The layout of our new flat is far

6 As the traffic in the city increases, the city centre becomes more congested. The more traffic there is,

J To show sin

Useful Language

To show similarity: it looks (very much) like/(very similar to, it has the same/similar/ identical ..., it resembles ..., the places are alike/similar..., both ... and, neither... nor e.g.Both Nice and Cannes are cosmopolitism resorts.

To show contrast: it is unlike ... in that, it differs from ..., they differ in that..., they are different as/because ..., the (main) difference between ... and ... is ..., compared to ..., not only ... but also, although, even though, though, despite, in spite of, whereas, while, but, however, on the other hand, on the contrary, as opposed to, in contrast (with), however, yet, but, even so, still, nevertheless.

e.g.Compared to Paris, Rome is much warmer during summertime.

27 Rewrite each sentence using the wore in brackets without changing th< meaning.

1 Both Blackpool and Brighton have a promenade on the sea front, (alike)

2 The new government buildings are veiy different from the old ones as they are modern and lavish, (compared to)

3 The house I grew up in looked almost the same as all the others in the street, (similar)

4 In the winter the resort is deserted, whereas in the summer it is swarming with tourists, (in contrast)

5 The two areas differ in that one is residential and the other is industrial, (difference)

6 The new school is very much like the old one both in design and size, (resembles)

7 Mario's restaurant is small and crowded, yet it is more popular than the others with the locals. (Despite)

28 Read the model and underline the phrases showing comparison/con-trast, then match the paragraphs with the paragraph descriptions. How does this paragraph plan differ from the one shown on p. 18?

a change 1 and result d change 2 and result b comments/feelings e name of street and when writer c description of street as it used to lived there be f description of street as it is now

Describe the street you used to live in when you were young and how it has changed, explaining how you feel about those changes

111 | I lived on Rose Street until I was eleven, when my father got a better job and we could afford to move to a nicer part of town. Nevertheless, I still felt attached to my old home until I returned there ten years later, only to be astounded by the way it had changed. l2l I Rose Street, as I remembered it, was a warm, neighbourly place. Although some of the ageing blocks of flats were in need of renovation, they were clearly in a much better state of repair than those in other parts of the town. It was also a considerably safer place to live, with relatively little crime compared to other areas. There were only a few shops in our street; a busy launderette next door, a small corner j shop run by a jolly man called Mr Braithwaite and a greengrocer's. 131 | Today, however, the street has changed beyond recognition. Most of the old buildings have been torn down and replaced by newer, more spacious constructions, each one fitted with security cameras. Unlike before, there are no children playing in the streets - a sign that the crime rate is higher and that people are more cautious. In addition, there are now shops on the ground floor of nearly every block, which makes the street seem like one in the town centre. |4| I What I liked most about Rose Street before the changes was that there seemed to be much more community spirit. A friendly chat or a piece of advice was never far away, and I am sure people felt closer. then than they do now. The sense of belonging and the fact thatj everyone knew each other helped ensure-that daily life was relatively peaceful and secure.

151 | Nowadays, because people are more and more isolated, the heart of the community appears to have gone. It must be said, however, that the living conditions and the general appearance of the area have improved greatly. Not only is the architecture much more pleasing to the eye, but the streets and public areas are considerably better maintained than they used to be.

161 | Still, I have mixed feelings about these changes. I believe that Rose Street was a better place to live ten years ago, since a sense of security and community is much more important than appearance or convenience. I would love to see Rose Street again as it used to be.

29 Look at the notes below, then, u words/phrases from the tables on \ compare and contrast the two tow e.g. Town A is full of modern buildings wf as Town B is a mixture of old and buildings.


full of modern buildings plenty of green space large population limited educational facilities wide range of shops many wealthy people many things to see and do


j mixture of old and new buildings | plenty of green space small population good educational facilities | wide range of shops | a few wealthy people many things to see and do

30 Read the model and correct the highlighted words. Write S for spelling, WO for word order, G for grammar, or WW for wrong word then give the paragraph plan. What tenses have been used? Why?

Describe an area of the town you live in which you believe will change in the near future and explain in what ways it will become different

Allenby, one of the most run-down areas of town, is located to the south of the town centre, close to the canal. It used to be occupied by the cotton industry, but the mills were closed down many years(^eforg) and most of Allenby has lain derelict since then. ago G

The general impression of the place is one of neglect and emptiness: broken glass, a little stray cats, rubbish blown by the wind. Most of the stone buildings have turned almost black over the years, giving them a sombre, and in some cases, quite forbiding appearance. This is especially the case at night when the streets are unlighted and deserted.

The structures that most catch the eye are the big old mills and warehouses. These towering shapes are punctuated. regularly with row upon row of high windows. Being such huge, they would have dwarfed the hundreds who once worked inside, but now they are empty and not even the old machinery remain. The nearby houses, in contrast, are tiny dilapidated terraces, all the same more or less.

Recently, however, the town council has released plans to clean up Allenby, following the successful development of similar areas in cities such as London and Liverpool. The mills and warehouses will transformed into airy open-plan apartments and galleries, while bar and restaurant owners will be encouraged to invest in the terraced houses along the canal. This transformation will undoubtedly draw an up-market crowd, as more and much people seem to be showing an interest in the areas distinctive architectural and industrial past.

In the addition to this, the council has also promised to revamp the canal and it's tow-path in an attempt to help Allenby shed its reputation for being a magnet for dangerous and shady characters. As a result, the area is bound to attract business and Allenby will be able to develop a cleaner, safer and all together more appealing image.

If the example of London's riverfront properties are anything to go by, the redevelopment of Allenby will certainly revitalise the area and ultimately enhance the image of the town as a whole.

31 Look at the following composition task instructions and answer the questions below.

a) Describe a well-known landmark in your country and explain why it is famous.

1 What are the key words?

2 Which landmark in your country would you choose to describe?

3 What particular features of this landmark would you choose to describe?

4 What reasons can you think of that make the landmark famous?

5 What would a suitable paragraph plan for this task be?

b) Describe two areas of the town or city you live in which are very differ-ent from each other, and explain why they are so different

1 What are the key words?

2 Which two areas of your town would you choose to describe?

3 What elements would you include in order to show how these two areas differ?

4 What words would you use to compare/ contrast these two areas?

5 What would a suitable paragraph plan for this task be?

32 Choose ONE of the composition tasks above, and write a complete paragraph plan with notes. Then write the composition in 300 to 400 words.

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