This Is Not Immediately Apparent As She Still Looks Very Much The Same. Her Youthful Face And Slim Figure Remain Unchanged And Her Clothes Are As Elegant As

28 Look at the following composition

task instructions and answer the

questions below.

This is not immediately apparent as she still a) ^¡^ a pefson ^ ^ ^^

looks very much the same. Her youthful face wouU ¡¡ke ^ ^ ^d explain and slim figure remain unchanged, and her „^

clothes are as elegant as ever. However, to j What are the key words in the task people who know her well the change is instructions?

obvious. She was once a carefree and even 2 What do the phrases "your past" and frivolous person, but the difficult circum- "see again" suggest?

stances of her life have made her a more seri- 3 Could y°u choose t0 describe someone

, , , ,• you dislike? Why (not)? ous, compassionate and understanding person. ,

4 Which features/aspects or description

1 will you include?

E5 What reasons can you think of in answer to the "explain" part?

6 What examples / justification could you include?

7 What would a suitable paragraph plan for this composition task be?

b) Describe a person you dislike, and explain why you feel this way about him or her.

1 What are the key words in the task instructions?

2 Should you describe someone you know personally? Why (not)?

3 Should all of your description emphasise negative features?

^ 4 Which features/aspects of description

will you include?

5 What reasons can you think of in answer

« It's not that he's ever done anything to me to the "explain" part?

® or to any of our colleagues, but there's some- 6 What examples/justification could you thing about the way he looks at you that include?

k makes you feel uneasy. He is quite good-look- 7 ^ha* would a suitable paragraph plan i\ . , , . , , , , . , . for this composition task be?

• I mg, but there is a rather sly, cagey look in his i " small brown eyes that makes you distrust him from the moment you meet him. He tends to 29 Choose ONE of the composition be obsequious as well, telling everyone exact- tasks above, and write a complete ly what they want to hear and over-compli- paragraph plan with notes. Then write mentary to anyone in a higher position than the composition in about 350 words.

his. There may be no real basis for my dislike, but he is a person I simply cannot trust.

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