Informative Reports

You will hear two teachers who are organising a school fête, discussing the progress report they are writing on the arrangements which have already been made. Look at the table below, then listen to the cassette and tick the correct box. Finally, explain in your own words what progress has been made with the arrangements and what has not yet been done.

Reason for writing

• At request of Headmaster

• Outlining arrangements and plans for school fete

Activities &

sports competitions



talent contest


Venue &


sports field


sandwich stalls

tea tent



radio announcement

& Prizes

book tokens

donations from shops


ahead of schedule

behind schedule

y^KT' An informs /fr members informative report is a formal piece of writing, usually to one's superiors, colleagues or . .. of a committee. It presents information concerning the progress which has J been made on a project, a meeting that has taken place or decisions which have been made concerning future action. An informative report should consist of:

a) an introduction in which you state the purpose and content of your report;

b) a main body in which you present various aspects of the subject under suitable subheadings; and c) a final paragraph in which you summarise all points mentioned before.

Useful Language

To begin reports:

The purpose/aim/intention of this report is to outline/present/discuss the meeting held on .../the progress of .../the decision of the committee ...

As requested, this is a report concerning/regarding the matter/subject of... This report contains the (relevant) information/details of/concerning ... which you requested/asked for... This report outlines recent investments in .../changes made to club rules and procedures/the company's achievements in ... /concerning ... The information below summarises the events which took place ... To end reports:

To conclude/To sum up/In conclusion, the current state of affairs is that... On the whole, it would be fair to conclude that...

I am pleased, etc to announce/inform members (that) arrangements are progressing smoothly/according to schedule/faster than anticipated... /ahead of schedule ...

Unfortunately, progress has not been as fast as expected/a number of difficulties have been encountered/the issue has not been resolved ...



Paragraph 1

state the purpose and content of your report

Moln Body

present each aspect of the subject under suitable subheadings


Final Paragraph general assessment/summary of points

* The exact number and division of paragraphs will depend on the specific instructions for each report task

2 Read the task instructions and the model below, and identify the topic of each paragraph then fill in the following sub-headings in the appropriate spaces.

Performing Artists/Groups Conclusion

Catering and Ticket Sales Venue, Facilities and Equipment

Purpose Projected Costs

You are organising a music concert, on behalf of a local charity which is going to take place in three weeks. Write a progress report for the next meeting of the charity committee, explaining what arrangements have been made and what remains to be done.

To: The Chairperson, Crowtree Care Group From: Charlotte Morris, Events Organiser Subject: Summer Concert Date: July 29th 1997

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