Although a career-girl through and 1 through, Sonya claims motherhood hasn't changed her life very much. "I was lucky to be able to work from home," says the bright, 25-year-old publicity agent. Her short brown hair swept behind her ears and minimal use of make-up are signs that she has to be practical about combining the joint responsibilities of work and parenthood. But her trim figure and professional clothes help ensure that she maintains her dynamic businesswoman appearance.

Meryl Streep may be successful and talented, but she is not entirely satisfied that she is doing her best in either of her roles, as an actress or as a parent. Each job takes time and energy from the other, and she feels that if she had dedicated herself to one career she would have had greater satisfaction. But when we asked her what she would do if she had to choose between her glamorous acting career and motherhood she replied, "I cannot live without either!"

Matthew Robbins was reported missing on the night of Saturday 22nd August. He is of African origin, aged thirty-two, and of medium height (5 feet 10). He has a muscular frame and his black hair is cropped short. He also has a small moustache and a goatee. Robbins was last seen in the Maxwell Park area and was wearing a grey vest-type T-shirt and black jeans at the time. Robbins family are appealing for any information on his whereabouts.

She was a lively child with long, golden hair and tight curls. She had inherited her mother's big blue eyes but when she smiled, I could see that she was the image of her father. There was such a directness in the way that she looked at you, while her thin lips gave away the insecurity that Michael had shown all those years before. She was so much his daughter and, while I played with her, all the old, painful memories came flooding back.

27 Read the extracts and write appropriate topic sentences for them. : r- c r ,, c Where do you think the extracts are taken from? 1 1 ' -'••■"■^

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