Using The Text In Ex. 3 As A Model Describe Your Favourite

d The soloist lifted the small 1) wood! wood-^ en violin and settled it carefully under his A chin. Then his 2) slender/skinny bow began W to dance over the 3) taut/distraught strings J while his left hand moved to a different rhythm at the other end of the instrument creating a 4) raspy/sweet sound which filled the entire concert hall.

3 Read the model below and underline the words which are used to describe the family album, then give the paragraph plan.

Describe a family album and explain its importance to you.

Last year, having embarked on an attempt at an attic clear-out, I came across an old family album. It was buried under a pile of junk and had probably been there for at least ten years. I dug it out from under all the odds and ends that had accumulated and took it downstairs to have a closer look.

• On wiping it over with a cloth, I found that the album was beautifully bound in leather and even had the family crest embossed on the cover in gold leaf. Its corners had become slightly tatty, but on the whole it was in surprisingly good condition. As I opened the cover, the leather creaked under the strain and I breathed in the faint scent of lavender.

The first page of faded old sepia prints was dated 1900, and the stiff figures wore blank expressions as they stared into the lens. I browsed through the pages of unfamiliar names and faces until I found my grandparents' wedding photos. There was my grandfather, immaculately dressed In his tailored suit, and my grandmother, who looked stunning in a flowing white wedding gown. As I turned the pages, I saw my grandfather going off to the War, smiling bravely in his smart uniform. My own father's infancy and youth followed, his childhood expression showing the playful twinkle in his eye which he still has to this day.

Since discovering the album I have felt closer to my family, having witnessed, through the photographs, occasions in their lives which I would never have known about otherwise. I gained a real feeling of how one generation adds to the next, and could see that all of the qualities of past generations survive in each and every member of the family.

Leafing through this album also gave me a strong sense of the realities of history. The clothes, houses and vehicles depicted in the photos all looked so strange and old-fashioned that it was easy to assume that the people were very different as well. But having actually known some of these people, I knew that they were much the same as I am and that, while external things may change, humans remain fundamentally the same throughout history.

I would like to think that maybe one day, one of my descendants will cherish the album's value. Then they, too, will be able to recapture those long-forgotten moments preserved in these pictures, which are indeed worth more than a thousand words.

Using the text in Ex. 3 as a model, describe your favourite childhood toy and explain why you liked it so much. Before you start writing, decide on the paragraph plan you will follow and the tenses you will use. Write your essay in 300 - 350 words.

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