Letter There Plans Tear Down An Old Cinema Where You Live

Paragraph 2

express thanks Paragraph 3

give opinion of act Paragraph 4

suggest changes and give reasons


Final Paragraph closing remarks Full name

Dear Mr Potts,

I am writing on behalf of the 'Featherton Friends' with regard to your recent audition about our fund-raising concert. Unfortunately, the large amount of people involved makes it impractical to hold group rehearsals, and actions are selected on the basis of being ready for performance.

To begin with, I would like to thank you for your generosity in offering to appear in the concert. We realise that a great deal of time and effort were necessary to prepare your act.

We were very impressive with your performance at the audition and the members of the comittee enjoyed it enormously. We felt that the singing and dancing were of a great standard and your groups members showed a very professional approach.

We would like to suggest one or two minor alterations, although, which we feel would improve the overall performance. Firstly, the committee believes that it would have been better if the dancers were already positioned on the stage as the curtain goes up. The reason of this is that the venue for the concert is very small and, consequently, the space behind the stage is limited. Secondly, we would like to suggest that you omit the last chorus from your performance in order that make it shorter. We feel that this is necessary because your act was quite long and, in order to have a wide variety of acts in the concert, it is necessary to limit each performance to a maximum of fifteen minutes.

( hope that you will appreciate the need for these changes and would be grateful if you can contact me to arrange rehearsal times. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,

J.P. Douglas

7 Look at the following writing task instructions and answer the questions below. The questions apply to all three tasks.

a) Asa social worker, you have received a letter from a foreign family who moved to your country three months ago and are having difficulty adjusting to their new surroundings. Write a letter advising them how to deal with the situation. You should offer certain practical suggestions and reassure them that they need not worry.

b) There are plans to tear down an old cinema in the town where you live. Write a letter to the authorities stating why you think this should not be done, and suggesting alternative ways in which the building might be used.

c) You recently visited a new supermarket or fast food restaurant which has opened in your neighbourhood. Write a letter to the manager expressing your opinion of the establishment and suggesting ways in which it could be improved.

• What greeting would you use?

• What is the main purpose for writing the letter?

• What is the additional purpose?

• What useful expressions can you think of for making suggestions?

• What paragraph plan would you use?

• What useful expressions could you write as opening and closing remarks?

• How would you sign the letter?

8 Choose ONE of the writing tasks above, and write a complete paragraph plan with notes. Then write the letter in about 300 words.

, Letters to the Authorities/Editor

You will hear two people discussing a letter which one of them has received. Look at the table below, then listen to the cassette and fill in the missing information. Using the notes, talk about the problem and its consequences.


: waters being contaminated by 1) from factories


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