From: JD To: PWS Date: 8/7/97 ST^ease »rite and thai* the seminar people.

Not often enough! New staff every month

Our place is OK (checked it personally)

Suggest one week for all new staff

Clearing staff to be told

Need to print a leaflet warning employees


Now write:

i) a letter to the Managing Director notifying him of your findings from the seminar and explaining what changes you feel should be made in your place of work. You should also mention anything you have done or intend to do regarding your findings. (approximately 200 words)

ii) a brief letter thanking the organisers of the seminar for allowing you to participate. (approximately 50 words)

• According to task instruction i) in th box above, what are the purposes of th letter? Does letter a include these?

• Underline the phrases/sentences i letter a dealing with each point in th notes accompanying the leaflet. Ar there any points in the notes whic have not been dealt with?

• The memo from the office manage instructs the writer to be positive an reassuring. Does letter a follow thi instruction?

• Does letter b follow the instruction given for task ii)? Why/why not?

• Does either letter use expressions fror the rubric, prompts or notes withou rephrasing these?

• Do the letters contain appropriate style expressions and greetings? What exam pies can you find?

3 Write a brief memo (about 40 words to your office manager ("JD" informing him/her how you have car ried out his/her instructions.

4 Read the rubric and written prompts below carefully, then explain the situation and the writer's complaints in your own words. Next, look again at the letter, advertisement and notes, and find which information has been included more than once. Would it be necessary to give this information several times in your letter?

You recently arranged for some work to be carried out on your house by a building company. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of problems; the work has still not been finished, and the builders have also caused some damage to your house. Read the letter from the builder stating that the work would be finished over a week ago (1) and the newspaper advertisement for the building firm (2), together with the notes you- have made on these.

Now write i) a letter to the owner of the building firm, explaining the situation and demanding that the work be finished and the damage put right. (approximately 150 words)

ii) a brief letter to the local newspaper which carried the advertisement, explaining that the advertisement makes false claims and suggesting that it should be withdrawn.

(approximately 100 words)

12th February 1997 Dear Mr Roberts,

I am writing to confirm that our builders will be arriving at_ 9 am on Monday, 24th February to carry out your renovation work.

I understand that you have taken a week off work, and give uou mu assurance that four daus is the maximum amount of time normallu needed for such alterations.

Since our employees are experienced staff, I fee I sure that you will be inconvenienced as little as possible and that disruption will be kept to a minimum.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality work and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for doing business with us.

Yours sincerely,

JB Stubbs

Completely untrue!

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