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Describe an annual event that takes place in your country.

Halloween, which takes place every year on 31 st October, is an important event, particularly in America. It originated hundreds of years ago when it was believed that on this night the souls of the dead came back and walked among the living. Today, it is treated light-heartedly and celebrated mainly by children.

A certain amount of preparation is required of those who take part. Costumes and masks, typically of ghosts or witches, have to be made. Sweets are bought and parties are organised. Most importantly, a lantern is made. This is done by taking a large pumpkin and cutting out the inside, which is then used to make a pie. Next, holes are cut out of one side in the shape of an evil face, and a candle is placed inside the lantern so that the light glows through the eyes and mouth.

On the day itself, or rather in the evening, children wander around the streets dressed in < their costumes. The custom is for children to knock on doors in their neighbourhood and say ; Trick or treat". This means that their neighbours j have to treat them to sweets or candies, otherwise f the "ghosts and witches" will play a trick on them. ) Usually the adults offer them something, but if i they fail to, then a practical joke might be played. This is usually something harmless such as putting I shaving foam on the uncooperative neighbour's windows.

If a party has been arranged, then the* lights are turned out and the children take part in a variety of activities. This might include anything from telling ghost stories to dancing. Although the parties are based on a rather frightening theme, the emphasis is, of course, on having fun. A typical ) party game for Halloween is played by putting apples into a barrel of water and inviting the chil-dren to pick them up with their teeth. Special drinks are made, which are served with the tradi- ; tional pumpkin pie.

Many people enjoy Halloween as an excuse to dress up and have fun. It is unique in that its theme is essentially not a pleasant one. However, it remains popular and is eagerly anticipated every year by people of all ages.

3 Read the following topics and underline the key words. Which tenses should you use? What information will you include in each paragraph? How will you adapt the paragraph plan shown on p. 34 to organise your composition?

1 Is there a festival in another country that you would like to attend? Describe it explaining why it is important to you.

2 Describe a religious ceremony in your country.

3 Describe a celebration you attended as a child. Why do you remember this one especially?

4 Describe the ceremony of a national event and explain its importance to the people in your country.

4 Rewrite the following paragraphs in the passive. What tenses are used? Why?

A We hold the festival of Shrove Tuesday on the eve of Ash Wednesday, when the 40-day fast before Easter begins. The English have come to know the day as Pancake Day since, traditionally, housewives make pancakes to use up the last eggs and milk which they do not eat during Lent. Until the 19th century, villages celebrated Shrove Tuesday by holding carnivals during which they played ball games, ate pancakes and drank mead. Carnivals which people j hold in other parts of the world keep the same tradition alive.

The festival of Shrove Tuesday is held on the eve of Ash Wednesday ...

rTthp Park |azz Festival with anticipation. The local newspa-Everyone awaited the Park jazz rebi r . h t | rooms which

Z bte. I. was a festival which lifted even's ^

5 Use of sophisticated adjectives or adverbs when describing events makes the description more vivid. Read the short extracts below and replace the words in bold with words from the lists.

A handsomely, exhilarating, picturesque, gleaming

The San Fermin is a(n) 1) nice July festival held in Pamplona, Navarra. On the first day young men, 2) well dressed in 3) bright white with scarlet bandanas and sashes, are chased through the 4) nice medieval streets by fierce bulls.

B blissful, striking, quaint, roma gifted, radiant

Marie and Victor's wedding recep was held at a 1) good seaside re; rant. Marie was in her 2) nice wed dress and looked 3) good. Aftei meal the 4) happy newly-weds their guests in dancing accompa by a large group of 5) good musii playing 6) nice waltzes and jazz i bers. Soon everyone was on the d floor.

C delicious, gorgeously, heartily, fam rousing, huge, bizarre

In my home town, the carnival is brated in a 1) nice way. People up in 2) strange costumes and p nicely decorated floats througl streets while bands play 4) nice i and people dance and sing 5) ha It all ends with a 6) big bonfire lowed by an outdoor feast with 7 food.

6 Read the model below and correct the highlighted words. Write S for spelling, WO for word order, G for grammar, P for punctuation or WW for wrong word. What is the topic of each paragraph? Underline the topic sentence of each paragraph. What tenses have been used?

Describe an event you have attended and explain why it was important to you.

excellent S

XOurcommunity decided that a sponsored bike ride would be an<^celenfrway of raising money to send a 12-year-old local boy to America for major surgery. So, last July in a beautiful sunny day, hundreds of people gathered in Witherington town centre to take place in and support the event.

In the weeks leading up to the special day various preparations were been made. Meetings were held to plan the day itself, the route was agreed upon and officials were chosen to line the route. Sponsor forms were printed and distributed to participants so they could collect names and addreses of people wishing to sponsor them, and a huge advertising campaign was launched in and around the town centre to rise awareness of the event.

The day it was a huge success. Early everyone woke and gathered at the starting point outside the Town Hall. A huge hot-air balloon was launched and it hovered over the crowds and cyclists throughout the event. Moments before the starting pistol was fired, I glanced round to find myself surrounded with cyclists and bikes of all shapes and sizes. Cycling through the streets, I barely had time to notice my tiredness. Crowds cheering lined the route waving flags, banners and balloons. Thankfully, refreshments were handed to us as we rode passed various points along the way. Everyone managed to finish, and were given all a huge round of applause.

Never before I had realised how much can be achieved through cooperation. We not only managed to achieve our aim but also strengthened our sense of community spirit. All those which participated in the Witherington sponsored bike ride were left with a feeling that almost anything can be achieved through community effort and now we are planning another event to raise money tor a new library.

Participated in this event also gave me a sense of personal satisfaction for having helped, in however small a way, to save another human being's life. This moving experience actually effected my future. I am now studying to become a nurse so that I can help those in need of medical care.

The event will be remembered and talked about for a long time to come. We were all delighted to listen that young William Stokes received his operation and is now in the perfect health. After all, deeds are better than words when people need help.


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