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Useful Language i express facts and proportions:

/ Of the 460 people/students/workers who, etc. were questioned/Interviewed

Ten/fifty-six, etc, per cent ¬°of people/consumers, etc were of the opinion... The majority/minority iof viewers/etc felt/believed that...

A significant percentage o< those who responded expressed (ds)approval of... A large/small proportion iof people sun/eyed replied/reported that... Over one third/half of those interviewed chose/preferred... To express generalisations:

On the whole/Mainlydn general terms/Generally speaking,...

Most consumers prefer..., It is generally felt that..., Few people approve of..., which is shown/illustrated as proved/demonstrated by the fact that... as confirmed/emphasised This fact suggests/implies/indicates that the average person chooses ... Depending on their position, facts and generalisations can be linked by using verbs either in their active or passive form as in the examples: e.g. Orrty fifteen per cent of those surveyed said that they would purchase a fur coat, which shcywslindk^ies/iliustrateslimpiies that most people are against the practice of kilting animals for their skins. OR

Most people are against the practice of killing animals for their skirts, which is shownlindicatedHllustratediimplied by the fact that onfy fifteen per cent of those surveyed said that they would purchase a fur coat

3 A property developer is building a retirement complex. There is some extra space, so they have surveyed prospective residents as to which facility they would like included. Look at the results of the survey, then fill in the sentences below with the vocabulary provided.

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