The Hightree Leisure Centre is proud to announce the recent opening ot its new extension, specialising exclusively in health and fit-ness facilities for senior citizens - the Roxbury Annexe. Not only will our more mature customers find that the Roxbury Annexe is designed for those who may be frustrated by structural hindrances such as steps and heavy doors, but they will also be able to take part in a wide range of activities geared purely towards their needs.

Checking out the prices of new computers can be a pretty terrifying experience for the first-time buyer. Fortunately, there is another, less painful option. Due to the fact that 'serious' computer operators regularly upgrade their machines, there is a thriving second-hand industry which, for us less fashion-conscious individuals, makes investing in a computer far less taxing on our bank accounts. However, before making your purchase, there are a number of things worth taking into account ft v A

When you think of the west coast of the United States. images of muscular surfers and glamorous Hollywood stars lolling on private beaches probably come to mind. However, the glorious Oregon coast is something altogether different. A combination of dramatic, rugged shoreline and miles of deserted, sandy beaches open to all makes the Oregon coast a unique experience.

In a society where governments seem more and more impersonal, and power seems to be in the hands of an elitist minority of decision-makers, how much influence does the average voter really have? The obvious answer may seem to be little or none, but I am firmly of the opinion that the voice of the voters still carries a great deal of weight as far as governmental decisions are concerned. Moreover, there are a number of facts to support this opinion.

5 Match the beginnings and endings, then say what the topic of the article is, whether it is formal or informal in style, and where it might be published.


1 Nowadays, you often hear older people say, 'These kids today - they've got everything." Of course, they are referring to material goods such as clothes, electronic equipment and so on. Is it true that today's young people are spoilt by having too much given to them?

2 Antigua is a place blessed with glorious views, warm sunshine all year round and perfect beaches. In fact, the only thing that might disturb your peace on this lovely island paradise, is an overly-attentive waiter!

3 When people discuss pollution, they do not normally include noise in their list of problems. In fact, noise is one of the most prevalent and most damaging forms of pollution that city-dwellers have to deal with today. The question is, what can be done about this growing problem?

mmsnm a) For a holiday you will never forget and will want to repeat again and again, Antigua is the place to go There is no place that matches the beauty of this paradise. _

b) On the whole, it does seem that today's young people expect a great deal and take what they have for granted. Perhaps they would learn to appreciate what they have more if they had to put a bit more effort into acquiring the goods in the first place. I

c) If these suggestions were followed, the problem of noise pollution would certainly be reduced, if not solved. It is simply a matter of everyone working together in order to make our cities healthier places in which to live.

Useful Language: Making Suggestions i you write an article to be published in a leaflet or brochure you should J give it an eye-catching title which will attract the reader's attention. State the topic of the article in the first paragraph, then develop the topic in separate paragraphs. Each paragraph can be preceded by an appropriate subheading. End your article by summarising the topic.

Read the following instructions and the model, and put the following subheadings in the appropriate spaces: Avoid Starting Again - A Question of Will-Power - Alternative Approaches - If You Need Help. Then, fill in the paragraph plan. Finally, replace the underlined phrases with appropriate expressions from the list below.


Paragraph 1

Mliii Bod?

Paragraphs 2-3-4-5

An alternative method is to Should these methods fail, you may Making sure you are occupied will It may prove helpful to

Firstly, it is wise to it may also be necessary to One way to stop smoking is to it is important to take steps to tumlmlm.

Final Paragraph

Write a leaflet to be displayed in doctors' waiting rooms, giving practical advice to patients who want to give up smoking, including suggestions on how they can avoid starting again.

Do you want to give up smoking?

There are many smokers who are aware of the health hazards of their habit and want to stop, or have already tried, without success. Here is some practical advice which may help you to kick the habit.

You can rely on your own will-power. Simply smoke your last cigarette and do not allow yourself to pick up another. However,, very few of us are strong-willed enough to do this successfully. Or you can gradually cut down on the amount you smoke each day until you stop entirely.

Additionally, some companies manufacture products such as chewing gum and adhesive body patches which administer small doses of nicotine to help combat withdrawal symptoms. You can use

these products if your will-power requires some assistance.

Otherwise, you can benefit from other available treatments like hypnotherapy or acupuncture. Many people claim that after only a few sessions of alternative therapies such as these, they have been permanently cured of their addiction. The only drawback, however, is that their effectiveness seems to depend on your desire to give up smoking. The stronger your will-power is, the more successful the treatment will be.

When you have stopped smoking, you should try not to begin again. You should avoid stressful situations, since stress often drives people to smoke again. Also, when boredom strikes it is often tempting to pick up a cigarette, if only for something to do. You can prevent the boredom which may lead to your taking up smoking again.

To conclude, there are several ways to give up smoking, some of which are less conventional than others. Once you have given up, you may also have to take certain measures to ensure that you remain a non-smoker for good.

7 Read the following instructions and the model below, then put the paragraphs in the correct order according to the paragraph plan on the right.

You have been asked to write a short article for a brochure on two major tourist attractions in your country. Describe the two places you consider most interesting and explain why tourists should visit them.


Paragraph 1

state topic of article

Mill Body

Paragraphs 2-3

description of two places Paragraph 4

explanation of why tourists should visit

Final Paragraph summary of the topic

□ Also worth visiting is Tower Bridge. Constructed in Victorian times, it is recognised worldwide as a symbol of London and now has its own museum, with an exhibition depicting its fascinating history up to the present day. You can also see superb views of the city from the high-level walkways on the bridge.

\T\ England is a beautiful country with many sights of interest to tourists. These range from magnificent historic buildings to oddly-placed rocks in the middle of the countryside, each holding its own particular charm. Two of the most important tourist sights, however, are situated in the capital city, London.

| | Among the many other attractions which London has to offer, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge are two of the most outstanding. No visit to London is complete until you have explored these two memorable landmarks.

I I Most visitors to London go to see Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge during their stay for the reason that these two particular attractions symbolise London and England in general; they are probably the most photographed sites in the British Isles. Furthermore, the chance to see the inside of a building still inhabited by royalty is too good to miss, giving tourists a glimpse of the luxury we would all like to have.

□ Possibly the most significant place to visit is Buckingham Palace, the London home of the Queen and other members of the Royal Family. One can tour the interior of the palace and also observe the Changing of the Guard outside.

8 Look at the following writing task instructions, then answer the questions below.

a) The travel company you work for has asked you to write an article for a brochure describing a new package holiday at a popular seaside resort You should provide information on accommodation, transport, entertainment and so on.

b) You have been asked to write an article for an International magazine about equal job opportunities for men and women in your country. You should describe the existing situation and say what changes have taken place in recent years.

c) Write an article for a leaflet for travellers planning to go abroad, advising them on problems they may run into: Make suggestions and give advice about what they can do to deal with such problems.

• What is the purpose of each article?

• Who are the intended readers for each?

• What style should each article be written in? (e.g. formal/informal)

• What title would you give each article?

• What information would you include?

• In what order would you present this information, and under which subheadings (if any)?

• Should you use descriptive, narrative and/or discursive techniques? If so, which?

9 Choose ONE of the writing tasks above, and write a complete paragraph plan with notes. Then, write the article in about 300 words.

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