Personality And Behaviour

Composition Writing

In descriptions of people we can include a clear description of a person's personality and behaviour with a variety of character words. e.g. He is friendly and honest. She speaks very rudely. He is greedy and a miser. These words should be justified in an explanation or example, e.g. Brian, who is very sociable, enjoys going to parties and meeting people.

If you describe negative qualities, you should use mild language. Use: tend to, seem to, is rather, can sometimes be, etc. e.g. Sarah is an excellent worker, but she can sometimes be rather impatient (not: She is impatient) You may describe personality and behaviour with examples of manner and mannerisms (the gestures people use, the way they speak/walk, etc) e.g. Timothy is a very tolerant father; no matter what his children do he doesnt lose his temper.

Note that personality characteristics should be stressed in certain types of writing, for example when you recommend someone for a job.

Linking Words and Structures

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