Proposol Reports

1 ££$ You will hear two students discussing a proposal they are writing to their university Students' Union. Read the questions, then listen to the cassette and answer the questions below.

a) What is the purpose of the proposal?

b) What are the sub-headings of the report?

c) Which location do they suggest?

d) Who do they recommend should be employed as staff?

e) What do they suggest about prices?

f) What further suggestion(s) do they make concerning sales?

g) Why do they feel the Students' Union should give their proposal serious consideration?

A proposal report is a formal, informative piece of writing which outlines plans and/or suggestions for a future course of action, and is submitted for approval by a bank manager, superiors at work, a business customer, relevant authorities, etc. A good proposal report should consist of:

a) an introduction in which you state the purpose and content of your report;

b) a main body in which each aspect should be presented under separate subheadings; and c) a conclusion in which you summarise all points mentioned above and, if necessary, express your own opinion.

Useful Language

To begin a proposal report:

The purpose/aim/intention of this report is to outline/present/discuss the future plans/the intended course of action...

This report is submitted in support of our request for approval of.../ for permission to .../for a loan to allow us to ...

This report contains the (relevant) information/details of/concerning ... which you requested/asked for

This report contains details of/outlines our plans/intentions concerning ... To end a proposal report:

To conclude/To sum up/In conclusion, our intention is to ...

The advantage(s) of the approach proposed would be that...

I feel certain/believe that the course of action proposed above will achieve .../meet with success/answer the needs of the company.

I hope/trust that the plan/scheme outlined/presented in this report meets with your approval/will receive your serious consideration.



Paragraph 1

state the purpose and content of your proposal report

Moln Bodt

present each aspect under separate subheadings


Final Paragraph general assessment/conclusion/opinion

* The exact number and division of paragraphs will depend on the specific instructions for each report task.

2 Read the model below and fill the spaces in each paragraph with the appropriate verb from the boxes on the right, making sure that you use the correct tense/form. Then, read the model again and identify the specific proposals which the writer makes.

You represent the 'Players' drama company and have submitted a request to the council asking to rent an old disused theatre. Write a proposal report in support of your request, outlining what you intend to do. You could include the following points:

• lack of and need for a theatre in the town

• plans to renovate the interior and/or exterior of the building

• the theatre's proposed programme for the season

• projected profits and suggested terms of payment

To.- Mr Edwin Hobbes, Chairman, Lansborough Town Council

From: Sarah Hinds, Director, Players Drama Company

Subject: Request to rent the Foley Theatre

Date.- 6th March, 1997


As 1) , I 2) a formal proposal 3) the possible use of the

Foley Theatre building by the Players Drama Company. This proposal 4) the company's plans and intentions, and our reasons for wanting 5) the building.

Need for theatre

Since the Foley Theatre 6) Jive years ago, Lansborough 7) a suitable venue for drama productions. We 8) to make the theatre available to theatrical groups in the area, of which, there are a great number and variety, in addition to staging performances 9) by our company.

Renovation of the Building if our request is 10) , we do not 11) to alter the exterior in any way other than to repair and paint it. The interior, on the other hand, would 12) /rom extensive renovation. We also plan to install additional seating and create a further exit in order to 13) with recently 14) safety regulations.

Proposed Programme

Should the Players re-open the Foley Theatre, the programme would 15) productions by a range of companies. As well as the Players' usual choice of light classics or comedy, performances of many different types would be 16) by those groups which 17)

keen interest in our venture.

Profits and Payment

We 18) the theatre to make a profit within the first year. Since the Arts Council 19)

to give our group a sizeable grant, subject to our 20) suitable premises, sufficient funds are available 21) running costs and pay a monthly rent.


In conclusion, we 22) that our proposed plans for 23) the Foley Theatre would bring a number of benefits to Lansborough. Not only would the building be restored and 24) , but the regularity and variety of performances would 25) the theatre-going public and make a valuable contribution to the cultural life of the town.

concern - outline - rent ■ request - submit close - intend -lack - produce benefit - comply*- grant introduce - propose express - include - stage agree - cover - expect • find believe - delight -improve - rent

3 Read the task instructions below, then expand the notes given under each sub-heading into a full paragraph.

You have decided to expand your company and need a loan from your bank. Write a proposal in support of your request for the loan. Outline details of why you need the loan and what you intend to do with it.

TO: The Manager FROM.- Mrs D McLachlan

SUBJECT: Loan/or the expansion of "Veggies and Stuff" DATE: June 10th, 1997

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