(8) , Rotheroe Sports Centre would be able to provide the facilities necessary for the Dersley Swimming Club to train. Most importantly, it has an excellent 50-metre pool of the type used in top-level competitions. The slight increase in the cost of hiring the pool is acceptable, (9)

in view of the fact that charges at the City Baths are due for revision in a month's time.

3 Look at the sentences below and identify which present positive aspects and which negative ones. Then, match each positive point with the corresponding negative one, and join them into one sentence using linking words expressing contrast (e.g. although, however, in spite of/despite the fact that, even though, on the other hand, but, in contrast).

a) This car is cheaper than others of the same size and performance.

b) Service is slow and the menu is not very imaginative.

c) It is by far the best sports centre in the area.

d) Service and spare parts are expensive, and its fuel economy is poor.

e) It is only open to the public in the evenings.

f) Commercial breaks can cause people to switch channels.

Facilities g)

The waiters at this restaurant are very pleasant and extremely polite. Commercial TV channels usually choose popular, entertaining shows.

Although this car is cheaper than others of the same size and performance, service and spare parts are expensive, and its fuel economy is poor.

4 3 The Personnel Manager at the factory where you work has received several complaints from workers. Read the comments some workers have made and list them in the table, as in the example.

Workers' comments we reason-

^ 0+- rhe First c. Not enough shift rotation, and the new workers have to do all the night/weekend shifts.

d I take the com^ary bus to get to the plant ta ni;r have J won* about transport.

, . Anrix cull their weight,


Shift Work

Worker/Management Relations b Using the information in the table, complete the following brief report assessing the work-related conditions at the factory. You should also write a final paragraph drawing conclusions and/or making your recommendation.

1 Purpose

The puriX3Se

from workers. received

2 Pacilities service ^ch -

workers' ^

^ Stifled i? Station

tf* factory. acci^ts at

3 transport the whole arr, Ceming tran^f^^^

g The supervisors and overseers are usually fair, and get on well with most of the workers.

5 Read the model below, and fill in the appropriate sub-headings (Purpose, Recommendation, Leadership, Qualities, Personal Qualities, Achievements). Then list the good and bad points mentioned. Finally, underline the most suitable word or phrase in bold.

As supervisor of a children's summer camp, you have been asked by the managing director to write an assessment of one of the group leaders who is being considered for promotion to group coordinator. Write your report, describing the employee and saying whether you would recommend him/her for the position^____

To: John Wood, Managing Director

From: Amanda Hall, Camp Supervisor

Subject: Assessment of Victoria Collins

Date: 14th August 1997

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