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7 Read the task instructions for Ex. 6 again, and write letter (a).

8 Read the following rubric and written prompts carefully. Then, identify the purpose(s) of each letter, decide which information should be included, and how this should be arranged in paragraphs. Finally, write the letters according to the instructions given.

You are the deputy head teacher of a school. Your head teacher, who is on holiday, has asked you to interview the applicants for posts as new teachers at your school. Read the CV below, and the notes which you made regarding the successful candidate.


(0507) 622713 25.5.68

NAME- wylde, penelope p. TELEPHONE: ADDRESS: 16, holme crescent, DATE OF BIRTH:

hedge end,


MARITAL STATUS: Single. No children DRIVING LICENCE: Full, clean

EDUCATION: 1979 - 1986 Smithtown Secondary School 1986 - 1990 Liverpool University 1990 - 1991 Kingston University


English Language B English Literature B Mathematics B Religious Education B Art B History C Geography C French C Music C

WORK EXPERIENCE: _ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ Tmro dut.es involved: Teaching, curriculum development 199^ - 1997 Department Head, St. Mark's College, St Ives Duties Involved: Administrative duties, teaching

1995 1997 Youth Leader, Dunkley Community Centre

HOBBIES * 'NTERE^s. and At weekends durin h , o days, particularly enjoy spending time with young ch.ldren in various youth organisations for which . am a volunteer.



Head of English Dept., St. Augustine's School, Truro

Tel. 869396

June 1985 A-Level:

English A Art B

Mathematics C Gen. Studies C


BA (Hons) English MA Education

Mrs C Davis MA, Head Teacher, St Mark's College, St Ives Tel. 386921

Candidate: Penelope Wylde

S Well qualified.

S Useful experience.

S Very pleasant manner

S Communicates well

S Should fit in.

S A lot of experience with children - loves working with them.

S Has many creative ideas for classroom activities.

S Seems young and energetic.

Now write:

a) a letter to your head teacher informing him/her of your decision and giving your reasons. (approximately 200 words)

b) a letter of acceptance to the successful candidate. (approximately 50 words)

Look at the following writing task instructions and answer the questions below. The questions apply to all tasks.

• What greeting would you use?

• What is the main purpose of writing the letter?

• What is the additional purpose?

• What paragraph plan would you use?

• What useful expressions could you use as opening and closing remarks?

• How would you sign the letter?

a) Your local TV station has invited members of the public to make their own programme on the topic of local environmental issues. They would like some of the following aspects to be included:

health risks water pollution saving energy recycling litter educating the public air pollution planning for the future

Write a letter to the TV station describing what you would include in such a programme and explain why you think it would be interesting.

b) You have seen the advertisement below. Write a letter applying for the job. You should include details of your qualifications and experience as well as the reasons why you think you are suitable for the post

Maple & Woodlings Stockbrokers Ltd.

Our London office seeks two brokers to manage its Foreign Claims department.

Applicants should have the following:

• a degree in Economics, Accounting or other subjects considered relevant by the Board

Applications to be sent to: Mrs Karen Armstrong (Personnel Manager) Maple & Woodlings Ltd 49 Chinswick Alley Barmbury, Wilts c) You visit your local park regularly and feel that it is deteriorating rapidly. Write to the town council and suggest what needs to be done to improve the park and return it to its former glory.

d) You are the manager of a well-known pop group and have received a letter from a school or college requesting that the group perform at an event they are organising to raise money. Write a suitable reply in which you agree that they will appear at the event and explain what their performance will include. You should also confirm details regarding accommodation and the facilities where the group will perform.

e) You have recently graduated and have been asked by a prospective employer to provide a university reference. Write a letter to your former tutor telling him how you have been getting on and asking for a reference.

f) You are the public relations manager of a large, soft drinks manufacturing company. There is a major sporting event being planned in your country. Write a letter to the organisers explaining why your company should be die official sponsors.

g) You are going abroad to study for a year. You want to take some of your personal possessions including your car. Write a letter to the relevant embassy in your country requesting information on what to do.

h) You have read one of your daughter's teenage magazines and have found it contains articles discussing inappropriate topics. Write a letter of complaint to the editor suggesting better ways of tackling these subjects.

i) You own a small business and would like details about several items you saw in a catalogue. Write a letter to the manufacturer describing your business and requesting information about the products you are interested in. You should ask about the cost, time needed for delivery and terms of payment, and request that they send you samples of the product

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