Station Bomb Chaos New Road Protesters Confront Police

1 When/where did the incidents take place?

2 Who was involved or present?

3 What were the causes/consequences of the incidents?

4 Would you include any direct comments? From whom?

5 What tenses would you use? Why?

6 Which paragraph plan would you follow?

0 You are working on the final plans for a new invention and are running out of money. Write a proposal for your bank manager, giving details of the invention and reasons why you think it will be successful, in order to obtain a loan.

P You have just returned from a package holiday with which you were completely dissatisfied. Write a letter to the travel agency setting out your complaints and asking for compensation.

Q Your employer has asked you to evaluate the facilities of a local hotel as the possible venue for a large conference. Write a report for your employer, including your recommendation.

T You have seen the following advertisement and want to apply for the post. Write your letter, including qualifications, qualities and reasons why you are suitable for the post.


Wc arc looking for young people who love children and want to help them learn! Must be over 18, enthusiastic and energetic. Write to: The Director of Studies St Mary's Nursery School 29 Wilkins Rd, Barstone

1 What type of letter is required?

2 What are the key words?

3 What information about yourself should you include?

4 Is it necessary to include a physical description of yourself?

5 What could the opening/closing sentences be?

6 Which paragraph plan would you follow?

1 What type of article is required?

2 What are the key words?

3 What aspects of the discussion clock would you consider?

4 What linking words/phrases would be useful for writing this type of composition?

5 Would you state your opinion in the first paragraph? Why/Why not?

6 Which paragraph plan would you follow?

V Describe the two most memorable events of your life and say what the consequences of these occasions were.

1 What arc the key words?

2 What type of description is required?

3 How many events should you describe?

4 What type of events could be described as "the most memorable"?

5 Would you describe good events, bad events or both?

6 What consequences could these events have?

7 What tenses would you use? Why?

8 Can you suggest a paragraph plan for this composition?

W "Sport and entertainment have become a matter of business rather than pleasure." Discuss.

1 What kind of composition is required?

2 What technique(s) would you use to begin your composition?

3 Do you agree with the statement? Why/Why not?

4 Would your opinion be stated directly or indirectlv?

5 Which paragraph plan would you follow?

X Write an article to be published in a national airline's inflight magazine giving practical advice to people visiting your country for the first time.

1 What language would you use in the article?

2 What information would you include in the article?

3 Should you use subheadings? If yes, which subheadings would be appropriate for this article?

4 What heading would you give your article?

5 Which paragraph plan would you follow?

U A magazine has asked you to write an article discussing the question: "Living Longer - All It's Cracked Up To Be?"

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