Study Check

A Write a story beginning with the words: "Nothing is ever as simple as it seems at first glance. "

1 Does the topic require flashback narration? Why/ Why not?

2 Which technique(s) could you use to end your story?

3 Which techniques would you include in order to make your story more interesting?

4 What tenses would you use throughout your story?

5 What words would you use to link the events mentioned in the story?

6 Can you suggest a possible plot for your story?

B "Modern Science - Salvation or Disaster?" Discuss.

1 What kind of composition is this?

2 What first and last paragraph techniques would you use?

3 Would you state your opinion in the first paragraph? Why/Why not?

4 Which linking words can be used in this type of composition?

5 What arguments/points could you include in this essay?

6 What paragraph plan would you follow?

C You have decided to open a small restaurant and need a loan from your bank. Write a proposal in support of your request for the loan. Outline what you intend to do and provide some details of what you need the loan for.

1 What type of report is this?

2 Have you already requested a loan? If yes, in what way?

3 Who is the report addressed to?

4 Is it formal or informal in style?

5 What information would you include in the report?

6 Under what sub-headings would you include this information?

D You are the head of a committee which is organising an event in aid of homeless people. Write a letter to prospective participants, telling them about the event and explaining what will be expected of them if they participate.

1 What type of letter is required?

2 What are the key words?

3 What might the event be?

4 What might be expected of the participants?

5 How should you begin/end?

6 What useful language would you use to express purpose and effect?

7 Which paragraph plan would you follow?

E Describe an occasion which turned out to be much more enjoyable than you had expected and give reasons why you enjoyed it.

1 What are the key words?

2 What could be described as the "occasion"?

3 What aspects of description would you mention? Give examples.

4 What tenses would you use? Why?

5 Give two reasons to explain why you enjoyed the occasion.

6 Which paragraph plan would you follow?

F You have just completed a two-week practical training course paid for by your employers. Write the report required by the manager describing the course content and saying whether you would recommend it for other members of staff.

1 What type of report is this?

2 What type of course might this be?

3 What information would you include at the beginning of the report?

4 What information could be included in the report?

5 What would the sub-headings be?

6 What reasons could you include for (not) recommending the course?

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