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1 D You will hear two sales executives discussing a report they are writing. Look at the headings below, then listen to the cassette and:

a) say what the report is about, and who it will be sent to b) tick the sub-headings in the list below which are dealt with in the report.

0 Sales Figures

□ Staff Training

□ Position in Market

□ Staff Relations

□ Advertising

A report i: /' place, situ is an informative formal piece of writing concerning a particular person, , situation, plan, etc; it is addressed to one's superior/colleagues, members of a j committee, etc, and is written in response to a request or instruction.

There are various types of reports, such as:

a) assessment reports which present and evaluate the positive and/or negative features of a person, place, plan, etc; they also include your opinion and/or recommendation b) informative reports which present information concerning a meeting that has taken place, progress made on a project, etc;

c) survey reports which present and analyse information gathered from door-to-door surveys/questionnaires, including conclusions drawn from this information and suggestions or recommendations d) proposal reports which present plans, decisions dr suggestions concerning possible future courses of action for approval by one's superior at work, a bank manager, members of a committee, etc.

A successful report should consist of:

a) an introductory paragraph which clearly states the purpose and content of the report;

b) a main body in which the relevant information is presented in detail under suitable subheadings; and c) a conclusion which summarises the information given, and may include an opinion and/or suggestion/recommendation

Note that before you start writing your report you should give information indicating who the report is written to (name/position/ company, etc), who the report is written by (name/position), the subject of the report, and the date: e.g. To: Peter Roberts, Chairman, Grosvenor & Sons From: Lindsay O'Neill, Assistant Manager Subject: Appraisal of Thompson Distribution Co. Date: 19th March 1997

Points to consider

• Reports should be written in a formal style (complex sentences, non-colloquial English, frequent use of the passive, linking words/phrases).

• Before you write your report you should think of who the report is being written by and who the report is addressed to.

• Give your report an appropriate subject title, then carefully plan the information you will present. Think of suitable subheadings, then decide on the information you will include under each subheading. Use linking words to join your ideas.



Paragraph 1

state the purpose and content of your report

Main Body

Paragraphs 2-3-4-5*

present each aspect of th< subject under separate subheadings (positive/ negative points of each aspect are presented in same paragraph)


Final Paragraph general assessment opinion and/or suggestion/ recommendation

* The exact number and divisk of paragraphs will depend c the specific instructions f each report task

Useful Language

To begin reports:

The purpose/aim/intention of this report is to ... As requested, this is a report concerning/regarding ... This report, etc contains/outlines/examines/assesses ...

To end reports:

To conclude/To sum up/In conclusion/On the whole,...

On the basis of the points mentioned above, it would seem that

It is (therefore) felt/believed/apparent/obvious (that) ...

I/We conclude/recommend/would suggest (that) ...

My/Our recommendation is that... should be ...

2 Look at the beginnings and endings from various reports. Match the introductions with the conclusion and say:

• who each of these reports are written by.

• who the reports are written for.

• what the purpose of each report is.

• what each of them concludes and/or recommends.


1 This is the report commissioned by Ace Taxis Inc. to assess the suitability of the Starcar and the Sarabande for use in the Ace taxi fleet. Both models were rigorously tested and examined by expert mechanics and automotive consultants. The research data has been consolidated and the relevant information appears below.

2 This report contains the suggested plans for opening a small shopping centre in the Kingston area. As requested by the bank, whose financial support is required, the proposed size, number of shops and potential income of the centre are considered.

3 As requested by the Board of Designers, this report examines information gathered from observations made at the Miriam Hasawell and Adrian Banks spring collection shows viewed in Paris on 5th February and Milan on 9th February.

4 The purpose of this report is to analyse the results of a survey, conducted at the request of Family Foods pic, to gauge public response to the company's proposed new range of packaged foods. The report summarises replies to questionnaires completed by 400 families, classified according to income, who sampled the new products on 26th and 27th September.

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